This is an age of apps and this is a time where celebs are our heroes making most of the tech that there is. The smartphone may be a common tool in our hands but place it in the grasp of someone familiar in the media and it instantly sort of transforms into a magical wand- the product becomes shinier and the tech- even more rational and sensible.

There’s this exciting meeting of the tangible with the intangible.

You could say, there’s a bridge of sorts between technology and those who put it to good effect. Celebs are in the midst of the enthraling saga nowadays.

Celebrities are the endorsers of popular culture and the real lens through which they’re making heads turn today is technology. Using it to good effect aren’t they, to bring out a change? Rather make it hanging out on social media and unfurling newer ways in which popular culture is being redefined over and over again.

Wondering how? Here’s an ample proof. Who else but celebs could’ve blended the gap between something so bizarrely distinct such as Instagram and Yoga. At first thoughts, on the periphery, this sounds rather surprising.

Can there possibly be a connection between Yoga and a social-media platform such as Instagram? Well, believe it or not, there is. Wondering how- well, all you got to do is to simply have a look at popular actress Drew Barrymore’s Insta account.

The famous actress behind such lovely and enterprising movies such as Fifty First Dates, Charlies Angels, Posin Ivy, Duplex and many other flicks- the evergreen cutie is trying Yoga nowadays. And lest it is forgotten, she’s becoming quite a pro at it, in such a short span of time.

Some of the most interesting scenes or snaps of Insta are of Drew Barrymore trying myriad styles or poses of Yoga such as the famous Navasana, the ‘boat pose’, the ‘corpse pose’, or even, the ‘child’s pose’.

An art-form it is not essentially speaking. Plainly a rigorous form of exercise- it doesn’t seem to be. Yoga, it could be said, is a perfect blend between art-form as well as exercise and those who take to it with rich vigour can become one with it- almost inseparable. And it seems, Drew Barrymore is kind of totally inseparable from the craft that she’s taken to akin to a fish to water.

Drew Barrymore
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In fact- the famous “He’s Not That Into You” Actress was excited enough to share her fascination with the evergreen practice wherein she expressed the following:

Now that I’ve taken a few more yoga classes, I absolutely know what the Santa Clarita Diet star means: There’s nothing like being covered in your own sweat to make you feel like a total badass.

Only recently has Drew Barrymore mastered another fascinating Yoga pose- the plank pose. Diversity and consistency, it ought to be said, is thy name- Drew Barrymore.

The famous Hollywood pretty face suggests that one neither has to get too strenuously into the Yogic practice nor does one have to get too lackadaisical about the regimen. The key, the frequent collaborator with Adam Sandler maintains- is the balance about Yoga. There’s a ton of interesting Yogic poses that Drew Barrymore practising with her curvy, lithe frame exhibits on the popular picture-uploading platform Instagram.

Few have aged as gracefully as Barrymore, producer and iconic name behind “Flowerpot Films.” And if you are wondering about that perfect moment in which to break out from your self-imposed zone of inactivity to step into some form of rigour- then it’s time to check out Ms Drew Barrymore on Instagram. After all, there are only a few who are like the “Eternal Sunshine and one among Hollywood’s spotless finds.”

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