Experts in the UK have found a drug that significantly reduces the risk of death in seriously ill people. However, it should not be used for mild disease courses. Let’s find out more about the breakthrough drug that fights against coronavirus and saves lives.

  • The drug Dexamethasone can suppress the immune response and help with inflammation.
  • In the case of a Corona infection, the drug significantly reduces the risk of death
  • Treatment with the drug takes only a few days and is very inexpensive

Dexamethasone is used to suppress our immune system in case of severe overreaction and fight inflammation in the body. Dexamethasone has been present in the market for almost 50 years. It is not an expensive drug and only has a few side effects, and now, it is proven to save the lives of corona patients in the intensive care unit. Dexamethasone has been tested as part of a treatment procedure in England for the treatment of the corona patients and it was found that the Dexamethasone is ideal for the treatment of corona infections.

Dexamethasone Tablet

The drug can prevent fatal outcome in corona disease

According to researchers at Oxford University, the drug is said to significantly reduce the risk of death in people who are seriously ill with corona. This is especially true for high-risk patients who are connected to a ventilator. The drug is intended to reduce the risk of death by one third for these people. But even in people who need oxygen, dexamethasone reduces the risk of the fatal outcome by a fifth.

Treatment with the drug lasts only ten days

Dexamethasone is the first drug that significantly reduces the death rate which is a major breakthrough for experts in the fight against the deadly virus. During the course of a corona infection, the human immune system sometimes overreacts, which can severely damage the body and lead to death. Dexamethasone can prevent death by counteracting such overreaction.

The drug is also extremely cheap

Treatment with dexamethasone takes about ten days and costs very less. This means that the product can also be used in poorer countries to combat the rapidly spreading virus. In the UK, it is available for £55, which is sufficient to treat 8 severely ill patients. It is much cheaper in India. The price also can be slashed furthermore if the drug, Dexamethasone, is accepted by the health ministries across the globe as an existing solution to Coronavirus.

The drug against corona does not help with mild disease courses

The experts from England strongly advise against buying the drug dexamethasone in the pharmacy and using it to treat yourself. Dexamethasone has little to no effect on mild disease courses. In other words, it does not work on people who do not rely on oxygen or a mechanical respiratory device.

So far there is only one other drug besides dexamethasone that has a positive effect on the treatment against the coronavirus. Remdesivir, which was originally used for Ebola diseases, reduces the duration of the corona symptoms, but a possible positive influence on the death rate cannot be proven.

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