How many times have you planned to eat healthily and failed miserably at the task? We know the answer, a lot. The main cause behind not falling through the task of eating healthy is because healthy food is not delicious. In fact, delicious food needs a lot of masala and frying. Oh, how much does frying change the taste of food, we don’t even have words to put the feeling into. But, with this somewhat new device (air fryer) you can make delicious fried recipes with little to no oil. And, we have compiled a list of some of the best air fryers in India. 

Air fryers have been in the market for the longest time but it was during the lockdown period when people started truly experimenting with it.

The mechanism behind the air fryer is that it uses hot air around the food to make it seem fried, crispy, and crunchy. Recipes in air fryers are touted to be healthier than completely submerging the food into the hot oil. Plus, there are tons of scrumptious Indian snacks and street food that can be prepared in an air fryer and be consumed in a healthier way. 

Best Air Fryers in India

If you’re interested in the idea of an air fryer then you just need to know about these best air fryers in India. Check them out here 

1. Philips Daily Collection HD9218 Best Air Fryer

The main purpose of an air fryer is to make the food as oil-free as possible, and this Philips product is considered the best in doing so. When food is fried, unnecessary fats and cholesterol add up which are harmful to health, whereas this product reduces the fat by 90%, as it uses air to fry and in just a spoon of oil, you can get the same quality food as deep-fried or so.

It has an auto-off feature and a 30-minute timer as well to ensure safe cooking, without burning up the food. Temperature control up to 200 degrees Celsius is also provided. This product is under ₹10,000 and probably will be the best home appliance that you’ll buy this year.

2. Balzano Digital Air Fryer In India

If you’re an avid restaurant-goer and are always down for eating restaurant food without the fats and cholesterol that they offer, then Balzano Digital Air Fryer is the right product for you.

It has a high capacity of 5.5 Litres, which will enable you to cook your food in bigger batches, making it the best option for family functions or gatherings and one of the best air fryers in India. It reduces 95% fat from food as it doesn’t use oil.

Its safety features are the best and don’t begin processing unless the basket is placed correctly, and shuts off when it is removed. It is very easy to clean and has ten pre-set functions which form an auto cook menu and other manual functions for different types of food.

3. Havells Profile Digi 1230W Air Fryer

Havells has been a very trustable and common brand in India. It too has a high capacity of 4 Litres and supports you to roast fry or grill food for the whole family. It comes with an auto-on and off timer which prevents overheating or under heating.

Its air filtration system removes the false odour from the product once you finish using it, and it also allows you to clean it easily and comfortably.

Its unique cool-touch handle makes sure that your hands stay safe when you touch it. It also makes the food 85% less oily.

4. Inalsa Air Fryer 4.2L Litre Crispy Fry 1400W

This is the ideal product for frying chicken wings, french fries, and baking cheese pizzas, etc. In fact, this is much more than an ordinary air fryer, its adjustable thermostat and timer help the food to maintain its consistent temperature throughout.

The basket is non-stick and of higher quality, which is very easy to clean and maintain as well. It is quick and makes healthy and delicious food very fast.

5. Philips HD9216/43 | Best Air Fryers In India

It literally is the healthier mode to bake, fry, or even grill and another one of the best air fryers in India. It cooks the tastiest food and that too with 90% less oil and uses Rapid Air Technology for the quality food.

There is also a temperature control button that lets you control the temperature between 80°C and 200°C. Apart from this, it is very easy to clean and performs excellently. You also get timer setting and easy manoeuvrability with this air fryer.

6. Kenstar Aster Digi 1500W Oxy Fryer 3.5 L

Its digital controls and seven pre-set options are going to give you an excellent choice to cook. You are also given a recipe booklet with more than 100 recipes to cook on it.

The food basket with its non-stick coating makes it super comfortable to clean and maintain. Also, Kenstar is a reputed Indian brand and is known for making higher quality products.

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So, these are some of the best air fryers in India which can be easily purchased online or from your neighbourhood electronics shop. These air fryers will take care of your health and nutrition both at the same time, and they are worth the money, especially once you truly start experimenting with it and start making your favourite street food in it.

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