Gardening is considered to be one of the best hobbies to follow and keep up with because it not only teaches you discipline and control but also teaches some other great human skills like accountability, consequences and being responsible. And, if you’re planning to give it a try and looking for some inspiration and answers for how to grow plants at home then keep on reading.

gardening for beginners

When one commits to gardening they’re not just taking it up as a hobby that you can partake in one day and forget about it the other day. It’s a longer commitment and requires a lot of persistence, patience and discipline. Moreover, the result is so good that you will not be able to stop yourself from bragging about it to your friends and families.

Now gardening for beginners might seem like a daunting task at first, but with the right tips and tricks and mentoring, plus consistency, it’s super duper easy and comes with a lot of good things. Many have started getting back into gardening and started growing herbs and other fruits and foods at their home, while are doing it entirely because they love the greenery around them and for aesthetic purposes.

Let’s get right into these tips on how to grow plants at home and make gardening for beginners easier.

1. Decide What You Want To Grow – How to Grow Plants at Home

This has to be one of the most important decisions to make which also happens to come at the very beginning. One needs to take their free and at home time, money and even prior commitments into consideration before narrowing down on the kinds of plants they would want to work around. Some need maximum attention, while others can survive even without any kind of work on them.

Different Plants Seeds

2. Choose The Location – Gardening for Beginners 

The next step on how to grow plants at home is to narrow down on the location of your garden. Where do you want this growing and blooming to take place, moreover, does this place get the optimum amount of sunlight and easy to access. In addition to this, the prime decision is whether or not you’re going for indoor plants or outdoor plants, are you growing fruits & vegetable or simple flowers or even succulents, post all of these decisions you’ll be able to find the best place for your gardening to begin.

How to start a home garden

3. Test Your Soil – How to Grow Plants at Home

The next tip on gardening for beginners is to be aware of the soil they’re working with. Test your soil and get to know more about it, and if there are some limitations to it then look for ways to improve it. There are three different types of soils that people usually work with: Loam, Clay and Sand, and then you can use different types of things to improve drainage, loosen up the heavy soil and enrich it.

4. Get Some Essential Tools

The next thing you need to understand more about and buy almost immediately is the right tools. Since you’re a beginner, the good thing to do is get some basic tools like cultivator, weeder, big and small trowel, cutter, garden fork and hand gloves. Once you’re good to go with the basic tools and have done significant development in your garden, you can move up the ladder and get into the professional tools.

Gardening Tools | How to grow plants at home

5. Start Small – Gardening for Beginners 

The basic and most important ground rule in how to grow plants at home is to always and always start small. This is a journey and not simply a process, hence it requires a certain amount of dedication, love, care and time to grow and turn up beautifully. So, do make a point to always start investing your time, money and care into limited saplings at first and then move towards bringing more plants to your home.

6. Create A Routine

A productive routine is one of the most important part of each and every successful person alive and so it is for a plants life. They’re a sucker of routine and need their food at regular intervals of time. Hence, you can start incorporating their feeding and care time into your schedule for the best results and get on with growing healthy plants.

7. Trim Out The Deads – How to Grow Plants at Home

Another important lesson in how to grow plants at home that one should be aware of is the art of letting go, a.k.a deadheading – trimming and picking out the dead or spent flowers. When you pinch off the dead flowers from the plant, you’re giving space and allowing the plant to put their energy into the growth of fresh and new flowers, rather than seed production and serving the dead ones. You can also add this process to your routine and many pro gardeners usually do one to two times a week.

gardening tips for beginners

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These were some of the most crucial tips to simplify gardening for beginners and to answer some of the most commonly asked questions on how to grow plants at home. Whatever procedure you’re planning to follow or stick to, do identify and reflect on the benefits of gardening on yourself to keep yourself motivated for it – and doing this is the best hack you’ll ever come across on gardening.

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