Beer is the one intrinsic beverage linked to recreation, fun and, letting one’s hair down. It’s quite an antidote to the emptiness of existence, truth be told. There’s no such time as beer-time, hence imbuing one with the sense to chug some at just about anytime. But there is neither a limitation nor a pre-condition to gulping down some.

But what we do know is that this isn’t a celestial habit yet. The only space where one’s seen consuming some beer is here on earth. And not space itself. At least, not yet! But all of that may undergo a lot of change sometime soon- where current developments stand.

So what’s exactly the developing matter, you might ask? Well, it turns out that the current phenomenon that dictates that Astronauts do not consume any beer in space may change once and for all. As it is, due to the current set of limitations, one doesn’t consume any liquor, let alone beer. But how come a change is on the cards? Apparently, there’s work in the pipeline regarding developing a special bottle that can enable one to drink in microgravity.

Not only can one find drinking difficult at present in space because of the extensive presence of zero or microgravity but also due to the presence of alcohol, which is banned. But since there’s talk about relaxing some norms up in space, this could well change in some time in the future. Apparently, there’s reason to believe that the bottle has been already designed. And not one but two companies are behind the landmark design of a new beer bottle that allows one to consume the ‘world’s favourite beverage up in space’.

The leading design firms behind this beer bottle happen to be based in Australia. The developing beer bottle is basically designed on the principle of a passive feed system, this allows the beer in the bottle’s bottom surface to move up in the mouth. This is just some simple science, not some new age mumbo-jumbo apparently. So this leads us to the next question- is the beer bottle up for some testing?

Well, you bet! It turns out that the space-oriented- for the lack of better word- beer bottle is going to be tested first and foremost during parabolic flights here on earth and this testing will undertake thanks to the assistance of a, not for profit space research corporation “Astronauts 4 Hire”. Only then, once cleared shall it be considered to be used up in the space.

But there’s just one important roadblock or hurdle that needs to be cleared. At least a sum of $1million is needed to make the proposed design a reality. And the current forces involved in the design and production of the said product are aiming to secure the funds through a crowdfunding platform. The funds, once generated, shall be directly utilised in doing the industrial design of the bottle. However, that said, at present, it is believed, the bottle’s design has already undergone different stages of (pre) testing.

Therefore, soon, when all the conceivable plans are put in place, there may be a new destination to raise a toast! Are you… hick.. are you excited?

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