Ever Heard About A Post-Workout Beer? If you think about it, then you’d find that there’s a beer for every season and reason. A perfect beer for a party, for a vacation, for a sports-fest with your buddies in a packed house. There’s more. There’s even some girl-friendly ales-yeah, we know, whatever the heck that means- and there’s also non-alcoholic beer.

Then there’s also the strong, bitter, punchier ales out there. But no one, insofar, has heard of something known as the post-workout beer.

Or have you? Just wondering, what would your impressions be if someone told you to get a post-workout beer? Where would you get it from? In fact, would you first believe that there exists such a thing as a post-workout beer?

For starters, the Boulevard Brewing Company, in other words, Kansas City’s very best, and some might reckon, a national-treasure, has brought the first-of-its-kind post-treadmill beer, a light ale hitherto unseen and should one say, even unexpected?

And for starters, this post-workout beer isn’t like the general athletic beers. This easy-sport blonde-ale beer has only got an alcoholic content of a little over 4%.

Where it stands in the market, then this is a really refreshing and light beer and guess what? If you are in the United States, then you can gently swing by any of the top bars and beer-e-tailers and get your pack now, like now.

It won’t even cost you a bomb. Priced at $3.99- available also on Craftshack.com- the post-workout Boulevard Easy Sport weighs light on your pocket.

post-workout beer
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One’s heard that Boulevard have added some electrolytes during the brewing process of this one. They’ve also added a little tangerine peel and some salt in there as well to make this a light and crafty gulp-down.

But perhaps if it could be put it this way, then one’s got to add that what makes Boulevard’s Easy Sport an ultimate seller is the fact that this beer is comes packed with no more than 99 calories. That’s all you get to consume after intaking one of the most famous beverages (also, not to forget, among the world’s most consumed beverages) that there is.

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The beer market out there is full of a variety of ‘healthy beers’, that market themselves on the core ideology of low-calorie, low-carbohydrate content. But one’s got to ask that is there a welcoming respite for the sweat-drenched weekend warriors, army of brawny, sporty men, flexing their bicep who want to be rescued from the tyrannical world that comes with 2.5% alcohol value in these healthy beers?

The answer to that paradox is yes. In Boulevard’s Easy Sport- the easy-drinking beer- that has no more than 4.5g carbohydrates and 99 calories, there’s something tangy and refreshingly gulpy out there.

Having beer after work out can help the body to rehydrate better than water or Gatorade, backed by Scientific Research by the Granada University in Spain.

You’ve got to experience the super dry, one of a kind low-calorie, carb-conscious, perfectly balanced beer like now! The next time you jump off the treadmill, you know what to slurp, right?

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