They say, anytime is a good time to have a beer. It’s one of the most refreshing drinks in the world and is perhaps, the most-liked or widely consumed of all alcoholic drinks- isn’t it?

Apart from that, one could also concur that beer also happens to be among the most gender-neutral drinks that there are around. And truth be told, everyone’s got a favorite brand of the fizzy, foamy drink.

But when it specifically comes to Europe, then the likes of Heineken, Witbier, Carlsberg- to quote a few- are extremely popular. And when one talks about Carlsberg, among the best known of all European beers around, then it could be said, there’s a lot known and still, a lot unknown.

interesting things to know about Carlsberg

But what about the latter: what are the interesting things to know about Carlsberg beer?

For starters, while one knows that Carlsberg easily happens to be one of the best marketed and widely consumed of all beer brands across Europe, it’s worthwhile to note that the famous pilsner operates in more than 33 countries in the continent.

Above anything else, it makes more than one beer. Truth be told, it’s somewhere fascinating to note that the famous Danish brand operates over 75 breweries in different parts of the world.

That said, what might be the other interesting things to know about Carlsberg beer?

Did you know how old this beer is?

For starters, it may leave some ardent fans of the beer somewhere starstruck that the beer is around 170 years old. Founded by a gentleman by the name of J.C. Jacobsen in 1847, Carlsberg was discovered just outside of Copenhagen. Do the math and you’ll find, according to the date of its discovery, that it is well over 170 years old now.

Carlsberg Interesting facts
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There is more to Carlsberg than just brew

So what is it, after all?

In the year 1876, Mr. J.C. Jacobsen went a mile extra and established the Carlsberg foundation whose principal job was to steer ahead a lab that studied malting, brewing, and fermentation of beer.

But apart from that, this very lab was also responsible for supporting scientific research work in Denmark.

Today, there are around three foundations and two museums that run under the Carlsberg name. Just how many of us saw that coming?

How Carlsberg was responsible for changing the culture of brewing

It’s worthwhile to know how the invention of one beer brand led to the harvest of a new culture of beer-brewing altogether.

Carlsberg Beer
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A great step in the journey of Carlsberg beer came in 1883.

Basically, Carlsberg’s Jacobsen was quick to share a discovery made by a professor known as Emil Christian Hansen, who was the first to isolate and develop a pure yeast culture which revolutionized the beer-drinking industry.

But had it not been for Jacobsen communicating about the yeast used by Hansen,(which he would cleverly name Saccharomyces Carlsbergenesis) to other brewmasters, one would’ve never improved the quality of the beers that followed.

It’s worthwhile knowing that today the most widely used lager strain in beers is called Saccharomyces pastorianus, a Carlsberg-type lager!

things to know about Carlsberg

Carlsberg encourages drinkers to find their ‘green zone’

Now, you may wonder as to what is meant by the green zone here. Truth be told, this is one of the interesting things about Carlsberg. Even the beer’s website encourages drinkers to enjoy gulping beer in their ‘green zone.’

It simply means to enjoy drinking whilst knowing one’s comfort level or one’s drinking limit. Going overboard is not something that any responsible brand would encourage.

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