You know the defence establishments of a country to work as sentinels in national security. You know the armies of different countries as the fortifications that protect a republic from mayhem and unwanted military strikes.

We associate soldiers with bravery, patriotism and rifles and hand-to-hand combats. Don’t we? And likewise, we come to associate the army of a nation with being the first line of defence for a country.

Nine on ten people would tell you that the military of a country is concerned with fighting wars, averting national dangers and concerned with aspects like armaments, weaponry or arsenal.

We don’t generally associate an armed force with coffee?

In a lighter vein, it may sound something as uniquely bizarre as to call The Sound of Music an animated feature film on global warming. How silly would that sound?

But believe it or not, the US Military has developed something that’s a weapon, of a different kind, one for the mind and body. And it can be trusted, this one is not concerned with feisty bullets or armaments. At having actually developed a new algorithm related to the necessary amount of caffeine needed by soldiers to fathom the rest and energy requirements of the body- it’s believed- the US military has made a landmark discovery.

In an elaborate report published in popular British journal Daily Mail, the following information was shared in regards to the latest discovery by the US Military:

The ingenious method – that will no doubt be welcomed by commuters up and down the country – was developed by the US Army and Department of Defense so that soldiers have enough energy when they are sleep-deprived.

Let’s approach it like this. If one were to actually know the amount of caffeine the human body actually needs, won’t it be hugely wonderful to cut down on the extra sums one’s been feeding off and accordingly, add-on the portions that weren’t otherwise being fed?

In finding the exact measures of caffeine that the soldiers may require, the scientists working with the US military have struck a wonderful stroke of achievement. Once out on the battle-field or the war-turf, concentration in addition to agility and tenacity are about as important to a soldier as if the supply of clean oxygen in a high-altitude zone.

In that regard, consuming the right sums of caffeine would now assist US Military force to avoid potential catastrophes and dangerous situations out there in the open. But, in case, you were thinking this was an easy research to conduct, then think again.

In order to arrive at the optimal level of caffeine consumption- it is believed- months and months of sleep deprivation studies have been used as a necessary base or measure to arrive at the formula.

And this landmark study has indeed come out with telling perspectives or findings. Here’s what one is ought to know. Those who do not get enough rest might actually be consuming somewhere around 200 milligrams of caffeine. Wondering, how much quantity is this?

The above boils down to approximately two full cups of coffee. A regular cup of coffee, it has been established, has around 100 milligrams of caffeine. Those who work nights are told to consume 200 milligrams at the beginning of the shift. In their elaborate study and findings, the US military scientists have actually calculated how much has a soldier slept and accordingly, created a personalised caffeine regime in order to boost a soldier’s productivity and efficiency.

The algorithm, therefore, takes into account how much has an individual slept and the person’s coffee consumption pattern.

The report published on Daily Mail also had it that- “Someone who has slept for five hours and wakes up at 6am may have their first cup of coffee at 7 am and their second at 9 am.”

While the algorithm is still in possession and close monitoring of the US Military, it’s not been disclosed in the public domain as of yet. That said, there’s soon going to be a proper confabulation of this information which will be put under the public domain and soon be converted into an app.

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