These Vegan Cakes Are So Beautiful That You Would Contemplate Eating Them

Cakes are easily the numero uno thing that anyone gets or orders for a big celebration, be it birthdays, graduation or even marriages. Cakes just bring people together. And because every celebration is different than the other one, every cake should be different than the other one.

These cakes, created by Juliana, are easily some of the most beautiful cake designs on the Internet, as of now. Apart from looking absolutely stunning and delicious, these cakes are made using only vegan and raw ingredients, which also make them a much healthier choice than your traditional one.

Juliana is a Berlin-based chef who has mastered the art of raw and vegan cakes in the most beautiful way, possible. She regularly shares her work on her website – Culinary Dots – and even post recipes for those who would like to try these cakes themselves. However, it’s not just the recipe, it’s the presentation which has caught a million eyes, all over the world. Her cake decorations, sorry artworks, are just stunning, at one point of time, you won’t even be able to differentiate in what is real and what is not. And, this is something that actually pulls the attention on her work.

Check out these amazing cake designs, over here:

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Beautiful, right? They look so stunning that one might even contemplate eating them. 

source: BoredPanda

6th June 2017
Jyotsna Amla