The ‘Naked Restaurant’ In Japan Bans Overweight People

The ‘Naked Restaurant’ in Japan is all set to open next month on 29 July and people can not be more excited. The restaurant will be called ” The Amrita” which means “immortality” in Sanskrit.

Nacked People
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The restaurant does not only have an amusing concept but also have put strict restrictions on entry. They have a very interesting entry requirement under which if you are overweight you are not allowed in this restaurant. They have clearly mentioned that a person who wishes to taste the dishes of “The Amrita” must meet  the following conditions: They will eat naked in the restaurant and they will be weighed and measured at the entrance.

Nacked People
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All the reservations for this restaurant will be made online and if the guests are deemed to be overweight, they will not be served and the money of the reservation will not be refunded.

The restriction says that if a person is more that 15 kilos [33lb] above the average weight for his/her height, he/she will not be allowed to eat in the restaurant.

Amrita’s spokesperson Miki Komatsu said that if they will allow fat people inside it can be miserable for other guests. She added, “We are aiming for a sort of Roman aesthetic, like the beautiful paintings you see in museums.”

On the other hand, people will have to follow some other rules such as: They will be  highly forbidden to touch people . Tattooed patrons will not be allowed in and guests will have to leave their phones at the door to abstain from conversations with others.

The established age for entry is from 18 years to 60 and all the diners will get light garments made of paper to cover their intimate areas. The naked restaurant also offers a show with dancers and banquet. The guests will have to pay  80,000 yen ($750) for tickets to eat the food and that will be served by muscle-bound men wearing g-strings.

Regular reservations excluding the show can be purchased for 14,000 yen, 18,000 yen or 28,000 yen that will depend on the course menu selection. Both types of the reservations will be available on the nights of 29, 30 and 31 July on the restaurant’s official homepage.

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13 June 2016
Avni S. Singh

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