There is practically no end to eating good and healthy in life. Food, such a big essential and irreplaceable aspect of our life, beckons us to be watchful of what we eat. It’s not that the ‘good’ is hard to find. Perhaps, the struggle, more or less, is to not get dissuaded from the needful by moving toward the junk- isn’t it? In fact, at each step, you are advised and taught to be watchful of what you eat. Yet, temptations are everywhere. They are, in one of the most alluring forms, present in a plethora of sweetened items- right? So the key, at the end of the day is, to eat healthily and to remain mindful of what one consumes, even if it comes down to making a choice among sweetened items, for they are known to be about as detrimental as unhealthy or junk food, if not any less hurting.

In that aspect, one’s got to be careful about consuming sweet and sugary items. And that’s precisely where the challenge lies for sugar is something that plays a constant part and forms a regular feature of our diet, perhaps day in and day out. It’s there in the morning cup of coffee or tea, whatever might be your ritual. It’s there in curd, often at times, an inseparable part of our meals. And then of course, in milk and even in the healthy, nutritious bowl of cereal you have as your breakfast. But fortunately, there’s also a healthy alternative in the form of jaggery. How more glad could one possibly be that there’s jaggery for us, an antidote against eating carelessly. But have you ever thought of the reasons why you must eat jaggery during winters?

So let’s examine some important reasons to eat jaggery in winters and understand the various benefits this sweet but healthy alternative to sugar has for us:

But, first up a candid fact and perhaps one that some of us may not have thought about with precise clarity. It is said that jaggery is a kind of superfood, especially during the winter season. It’s currently a travail for most of us shivering with the harshness up north in the country. But when there’s a blanket of inherent nutritive goodness in the form of jaggery, why bother?

Helps in more ways than just keeping you warm

Jaggery benefits

One of the big reasons to eat jaggery in winters is that there’s something more to its inherent beneficial support of keeping us warm than is normally thought about.

Apart from dilating blood vessels, jaggery also improves the blood circulation in the body. The latter is particularly of vital aid to those who deal with lifestyle concerns such as hypertension.

The fact that it helps in the dilation of arteries ultimately aids in bringing down the high blood pressure levels.

Jaggery must be eaten post a meal

As important as understanding why it’s important to understand various reasons to eat jaggery in winters, it’s also important to understand the need to know when to eat this superfood in the colder months in a year.

Apparently, it’s advised that jaggery must be had post a meal, not prior to it. If done so, it helps to stimulate digestive enzymes. A big reason to include the sweet food item is that it helps our daily diet by improving digestion, inherent in proper consumption of what we eat.


Those who complain about gas and bloatation in the stomach are known to benefit from the consumption of jaggery. The scenario can be a common one in the winter seasons.

The ideal way to beat the sugar craving

Among the big reasons to eat jaggery during winters and as such throughout the year is the simple fact that having this healthy alternative to sugar satisfies the craving to consume something sweet. How many times, it ought to be asked, does one feel the temptation to bite into something sweet and delectable post a meal? For some individuals, not having a dessert item post a normal meal just doesn’t amount to something fulfilling- right? In that sense, it is quite useful to eat jaggery.

Good for constipation

In some cases, it’s been found that eating jaggery can be a healthy way to beat constipation. This vital eatable is known to be a rich source of fiber, which is known to work as a mild laxative. This helps in bettering the difficulty arising from constipation.

Beating the cold

One of the most important reasons to eat jaggery in winters is that it can act as a useful resource to beat seasonal cold and flu and infections arising out of such common seasonal discomfort.

All you need to do is to simply add 1 tablespoon of jaggery in warm water and have it particularly during seasonal cold and flu. Just see the difference it brings then!

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