Time to embrace some real stuff people. That food is critical, essential and vital for our existence and survival is so true but at the same time comes being tagged along with a number of myths as well as misconceptions. Food, where the current times stands isn’t just the order of the day for survival, rather a lifestyle entity.

Isn’t it?

Whether this is a scientifically proven fact or not but it is said that having coffee improves alertness levels and drinking wine is less taxing to the body when compared to other alcohol-beverages such as beer or whiskey or champagne.

This isn’t a new revelation. Surely, you may have heard this time and again.

But at the same time, there happen to be a number of other popular misconceptions and ascertainments in regards to food and beverages around us that need to be busted and finally accepted.

Funnily enough, even as research and experts have been able to bunk these myriad myths related to food, they still have to be accepted as truth by different mindsets.

But in case you are wondering what these are, then you no longer need to wander cluelessly, for we’ve got some of the basic facts covered here just for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the food facts right and dump what you’d been accepting as the truth in relation to various kinds of items.

An Apple away keeps the doctor at bay

Surely, Apples are packed with important vitamins and essentials but let us ponder together- are these all that one needs or the human body needs in completion?

Having apples is a great habit, therefore, but not the greatest if it might be said- as commonly believed to be.

If it so happened that a bacteria were to get into your system, then resorting to eating the apple may not work as the ideal antidote honestly.

Milk does the body a great deal of good

Surely, milk, at least, in its purest form is great for general energy, bone strength and calcium content for the body. But is that all?

Well, the most astounding truth, rather the lack of it, in this case, is that what seems to be marketed as an ideal food choice might just be an item of propaganda. Who knows?

Drinking juice will properly detoxify your eating binge

Binge-eating is honestly something that can be called funny and at the same time, a bit funny. Do you know why?

While at the same time, on its own, drinking juices is nutritive for one’s health- it may not do much to ease out the problem arising from binge-eating and the excesses it leaves the body with.

To this day, there’s no conclusive scientific evidence that claims to justify or defend the common belief surrounding this statement.

Organic food is pesticide-free

Well, is it really? Haven’t we all heard this time and again? Probably we all have and it’s more than a fad than a usual practice in today’s day and age.

Noted popular culture journal that dabbles with popular affairs and contemporary issues is known to have published the following in regards to the Organic food: The Farmers who grow organic produce are permitted to use chemicals that are naturally derived and in some cases are actually worse for the environment than their synthetic counterparts.

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