You usually cherish your pregnancy with a strange kind of thrill, when you are expecting. It’s a feeling that you do not experience anywhere else or in any other kind of way. You get a ‘confirmation’ with the pregnancy tester and then all of a sudden your own reaction and those around you- changes, perhaps for good.

It’s never the same when the news of pregnancy is announced. In the immediate aftermath of a pregnancy confirmation and it’s announcement- you abstain from a certain kind of food. You stay miles and miles apart from liquor and other vices of life, such as smoking and other things.

There are so many attributes of life that are then treated as unsavoury and therefore, kept at a distance. But recently, there was a rather strange case of the announcement of a pregnancy that did not involve the usual shock and awe and the customary shocks and surprises. In fact, all it included was a pizza.

Yeah, you read that right and heard it correctly.

But, wait a second- just what on God’s good earth is meant by a pregnancy-pizza announcement. But that said, you may not need to meander anywhere. Here’s exactly what had happened.

A particular Twitter user, the Twitter handle of whom goes by the name of @bbyleash6 announced the news of pregnancy in a rather strange way, but at the end, it was all amicable and rather, jovial.

The Pizza box, in a series of photos, actually has the first photo saying, ” Hi. Can you please do this for my boyfriend before you call our order?” Next up, the Pizza pregnancy announcement moves on to the next picture.


Herein, the message is clear- “The butterflies in my tummy have turned into 2 tiny feet. I’m pregnant.” The second photo shows the final result.

Therefore, in this sweetest possible way did the announcer on Twitter made public, the news regarding her pregnancy with the image of the cheesy pizza seeming scrumptious and highly-savoury.

Apparently, the request for the announcement regarding the woman expecting her child was made by taking into confidence the pizza company- Dion’s Pizza. They duly complied and did not disappoint one bit when the kind and very, one of a kind request was made.

It’s unclear how the pregnancy announcement went over since the name of the person who made the request is omitted from the note and they don’t seem to have commented on the Twitter thread, but it had to be quite a shock. Well, all one can say is that the news regarding the announcement of one’s expecting is often surprising and comes with its own bag of surprises.

But, in this case- it has to be surely said- it came along with a really cheesy and delicious taste. Didn’t it? Here’s what is surely hoped that the couple eventually ended up enjoying the pizza together. At the end of the day, that the couple are to raise a kid together is a divine taste of parenthood in itself, isn’t it?

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