If you are around people who are on the heavier side of the weight, you are very likely to listen – What is Noom diet?

Well, while most of the diet plan are a fad, they are also boring as hell and completely useless if you are not working out properly. However, Noom, the health app that is the rage these days as it is specially designed for Millennials. The weight loss app works like a charm as it makes sure that everything is planned on it for you and only you.

Wait there! If you are thinking that this is your shortcut to cut the extra weight of your body then sorry to burst your bubble but Noom is all about long term commitments. Still wondering what is Noom diet? How about a detailed description? Let’s take you step by step.

What is Noom Diet and How Does It Work?

What is Noom Diet

Like any other diet plan, Noom’s diet is all about consistency, only better. It has become the trendiest health app in recent times and millions of users have achieved their goal through Noom. The app is designed by behavioral psychologists and it helps you lose weight in the long run. As soon as you download the app, it asks you several questions to analyze your eating habits. Then it prepares a personalized diet plan dedicated to your lifestyle.

The best part of Noom is that it doesn’t encourage you to achieve unrealistic goals instead, it focuses on making sustainable changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. The app costs $45 a month and it does everything that you expect from a trained PT. It gives you a personalized calorie breakdown, tracks the food you eat, keeps track of your weight, blood pressure and blood sugar. It also logs your exercise and provides health coaching during business hours. Noom never cuts you off of any specific food group and makes sure to keep things interesting with interactive quizzes and informative articles.

Why Noom Is The Most Reliable Health App?

Noom Diet

What makes Noom food diet and Noom foods so special? Well, for starters, it supports eating whole foods and provides a diet plan that consists of more nutrient-dense meals and snacks. The app asks about how much weight you would like to lose and in what duration of time. The app then breaks down how many carbs, protein, and fat you need to take. Noom food diet works solely on individualized coaching where, each day, you will receive a personalized list of goals and everyday it will be different which means not a boring diet plan at all.

The Noom Food List

Noom Diet Food List

Noom app clearly believes that losing weight is all about calories. It provides foods with low-calorie count so that you don’t gain weight even if you are eating a large portion of these foods. Noom works on keeping your tummy full so that you don’t intake extra calories. They usually suggest foods that are rich in water as it dilutes. The app has over 3.7 Million food options to choose from however, we here have selected and most effective green and yellow foods (Noom has a dedicated color for a specific food group) from which you can select and start a diet that you can incorporate in your lifestyle.

Green Food Noom Diet

Green foods have healthy nutrients and they consist of the least amount of calories. They are rich in water and also detoxify your body.

Yellow foods food has more calories than Green foods, It also has fewer nutrients but if taken in a small portion, these foods actually help in losing weight.

Noom diet is not too expensive for you then you should go ahead attain your dream body and share your experience with us.

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