We are in an age where everyone is constantly getting focused on one’s diet and health. These two may seem like distant cousins who never gel well with one other. But, still, need each other. In other words, at the end of a day, the two are, a constant when living well and keeping fit matters. In fact, so intertwined are concepts of diet and health together that one cannot achieve holistic fitness and the absence of one.

Confused? Here’s why you don’t have to be so. You wish to be healthy? What’s your plan? Simply go to the gym? Obviously, you cannot attain the intended results in the absence of a great diet plan. Similarly, on the other hand, you want to eat a good diet and consume the ‘right kind of food’? Without resorting to one, one simply cannot be healthy. But that told, just what all does one have to do in today’s fast-paced life and existence in order to attain fitness and good health?

Apart from intake of a balanced diet and adhering to one’s certain exercise regimen, there’s a conscious yes-and-no of what is to be consumed and what isn’t to be. This is why people are increasingly moving to a disciplined trend of eating what is ‘right’ for one’s body.

There’s a conscious effort of eating popularly healthy food items and chucking out the likes of junk or fast-food including all the pasta’s, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and desserts since they do more damage than adding any real value to one’s health.

But that said, just what may be those food items that may not exactly be healthy once consumed in great quantity or in overly regimental numbers. The key, as the Buddhist philosophy says, lies in the balance.

Here’s what you need to be cautious of and ward off against in case of excessive reliance

Brown Rice


One of the most staple ingredients of a person’s diet, especially when someone is looking after the body weight and focusing on shedding off those irritating, needless extra kilos- brown rice is a must.

Brown Rice is often, every diet-conscious person’s common companion. It could be likened to the need for the right kind of footwear when one’s running a marathon or playing a sport. You simply can’t do without.

But just like running a bit too much or exerting too much pressure on one’s running regimen can cause blisters on the feet, similarly, having too much rice can cause damage to the body. Too much of fiber, vitamins and minerals are food items that cause arsenic that one needs to avoid.

Brazil nuts

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Consuming actually just one or single nut every day can lead to an intake of a good amount of selenium, a rich antioxidant mineral. This is good food for the body. But at the same time, consuming too much of selenium can cause a list of concerns such as- loss of hair, irritation in the skin, mottled teeth and rashes. Good to consume a balanced amount of Brazil nuts.

Albacore Tuna

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Food is all we seek but one without problems. One quite simply wishes there were only and only positives alone from consuming wide varieties of food and one didn’t have to come the long way.

Non-vegans can’t simply do without some tuna. Containing heart-healthy omega-3 fats, there’s also a catch with consuming too many servings of offerings of the Albacore Tuna.

Since this fish grows in large resources or spans of water that contain a lot of mercury-laden water, the worst fear associated with having large amounts of this tuna is that it can cause serious health ailments to us like loss of normal vision, complications in the nervous system and many other concerns.

The key to simplicity lies in the balance. And the key to balance is to act simple. Nothing overly done, nothing too indulgent.


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For the great anti-inflammatory properties, along with turmeric, cinnamon has also been resorted to common consumption, tales of which have defined our food preferences accordingly over the years.

But in case the women of the house or those who are accustomed to cooking proactively or voluntarily are buying a spice known as Cinnamon Cassia, then there’s a cause for concern. The spice has been linked to causing a liver-related malfunction. Not a bright idea, right?


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The world’s favourite beverage. There’s so much of an indulgence about coffee felt by an entire world that it may never ever be matched by another drink unless there was to be a miracle.

It is rich in antioxidants and slightly stuffy in after-effect, coffee aids in improving and adding more awareness to the usual state of the body. But does that mean that an over-indulgence may lead to such grave concerns as developing a condition linked to caffeine addiction?

Rapid heartbeat and insomnia are common and growing causes of an addiction to coffee. Being mindful and consuming it healthily may be a way out of beating the addiction.

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