A few days ago, what many of us would’ve encountered as a social media post was something that may have appeared as slightly bizarre and utterly random. In fact, let it be put that way that it did sound funny, after all. At least, one can be sure that to some, it may have been the case. So what was it? Did you happen to read the news post that said that the idea or penchant for drinking the Corona beer has fallen to an all-time low? Or for that matter that the sales of the famous Corona beer had dropped down desperately?

Now if you were in the United States, then surely, this would’ve read like “such a bummer!” Right? But then, in most other parts of the world, such a piece of news would’ve been hugely absurd and silly to even read. Did people actually think that Coronavirus and the Corona beer were members of the same family or for that matter that the Corona beer constituents had a thing or two to “aggravate” the spread of this godforsaken virus?

Well, what’s wrong with the world?

Truth be told, do not be surprised at just that for you’re yet to hear something that perhaps couldn’t get any funnier. It turns out that there are some who did believe, after all, that drinking the Corona beer could impact the health situation in a better manner. Or let’s just put it that way that drinking the Corona beer would lessen or minimize the risk of contracting this deadly infection that only God knows- and the official estimates can get confusing on some occasions- has claimed how many!!

Thus far, what we do know is that anywhere around 1,15,000 people spread in different parts of the planet have been afflicted by the deadly virus. But then, this number, thankfully, doesn’t point to the exact number of casualties.

So there you go. Any doubts that the weird world we are a part of has become weirder isn’t that incorrect, after all.

But then, there’s some major relief to those who may have been wondering about the plunging sales of one of the world’s most loved and admired drink:

The Economic Times shared the following in a report:

But the term ‘BEER’ can offer some comfort to Indian stock investors. BEER ratio, a metric used to evaluate the relationship between bond yields and earnings yields, has fallen below 1, suggesting that the stock market has become undervalued.

And that said, there’s more information coming along our way:

On Wednesday, the 10-year bond yield stood at 6.13 per cent, while the one-year forward Nifty50 PE stood at 15.4 – off its recent peak of 18.4 – resulting in an earning yield value of 6.5 (1/forward PE or EPS/price). And that gives a BEER ratio of 0.94.

All of the above said, what’s important first and foremost is to find a way to keep absolutely clean of contracting this dangerous condition. And this obviously goes without saying. Further concerns, as if there weren’t some already, were raised in the recent days when it became apparent that several parts in Italy were under a total lockdown, a continuous scenario down in Europe.

There’s Australia, too, that’s taken several key steps to keep the virus at bay.

But now one wonders, when might the situation get normal. How soon can things get better?

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