Getting tired is no fun. Heck! Can it ever be? In fact, there’s no irony that the term tired does sound very tiring. Does it not? But no need to blush Wordsmith! Focus on this.

Can it ever be any of help when you know you’ve got a long day ahead but you’ve just not got any zeal to take it on? How often, it must be asked, have we all come across the following phrase whether in newspapers or motivational forwards that states: “I’ve got no fuel left in me!”

Well here’s the truth. Right at the very outset, this phrase induces a form of negativity, right? Who wouldn’t want to be bursting with a fountain of energy as they say?

But often, our lifestyle choices and especially our dietary habits wear us down. Do they not?

foods that fight fatigue

So by now if you haven’t yet thought about the 5 foods that fight fatigue but really wish to, someday then beginning today may not be a bad idea, really speaking.

What are you waiting for? Let’s learn about the 5 foods that fight fatigue:

Unprocessed Foodsfoods that fight fatigue

Among the 5 types of foods that fight fatigue are unprocessed foods, undoubtedly. And it’s a simple equation really. There’s no rocket science to this. Like how 1+1 equals 2 and another way to see it is, 3-1 also equals 2; that’s the thing about ‘Unprocessed foods’ and the connection with fighting fatigue.

The more you add processed foods to your diet, the more you are likely to feel fatigued and it’s the other way round; removing them from the diet means you’ll keep ‘fatigue’ at bay.

foods that fight fatigue- Unprocessed food
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Since processed foods do lead to it, isn’t it obvious that unprocessed foods do not?

So the simple thing to remember is that even as you are enjoying that scrumptious slice of pizza or the cheeseburger, do bear in mind that either of these items is going to add to your fatigue level.

Not such a helpful thing, right?

But just why does that happen? Truly speaking it’s simply in the process in which these foods are prepared. Packaged foods, canned foods, boxed meals are typically laden with preservatives. These contain artificial ingredients, additives, sodium, trans fat that contribute negatively by making one slow down.

Fresh Vegetables and Seasonal Fruits

Well, your mum keeps talking about it. The aunty in the neighborhood speaks about its benefits and the soccer coach is commonly seen swearing by it, all the time. Well, they wish if they could practically talk about it or simply, have it.

It’s always a great idea to stick with fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits for the big reason that they feature among 5 foods that fight fatigue.

foods that fight fatigue- Fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits

But how so? Unlike processed foods, your fresh veggies and seasonal fruits aren’t bereft of any nutritive value which is so commonly found in the processed food items.

So if there’s a sense in eating the mango during July in India, as they say, then do it!

The same way, if there’s so much talk around you about having ladyfinger during the winter seasons, then try not to think of a horror escapade online or imagine a cannibal. Just believe those who swear by “Okra!”

There’s every reason to stick to a diet of seasonal vegetables and fresh fruits since wisdom suggests we ought to listen to what ‘they say’, for they anyways say it for our good. Okay, enough of preaching, let’s move on.

Non-Caffeinated beverages

Among the important 5 foods that fight fatigue- such an interesting list to latch on to, especially nowadays- includes non-caffeinated beverages.

But truthfully speaking, for a better part of the world, this may not be the easiest of things to do for the simple reason that having caffeinated beverages isn’t really a fashion to many. To put it mildly, it’s a habit.

It’s something that is unnegotiable and a part of our lives. For instance, how many of us can give up on the morning cup of tea, the cup of tea we desire for at our office desk soon as we enter and the one served with warmth and a smile, too, by our better half in the evening?

foods that fight fatigue- Jaggery tea

In fact, to those who cannot imagine the presence of a rather harmless-sounding phrase- tea- replace it with coffee. Right? Easy as you like.

But here is the truth in the most decaffeinated form. Having caffeinated beverages isn’t the worst thing in the world. And yet, you must be mindful of having caffeinated beverages in moderation.

Try not to conveniently remove the phrase ‘moderation’ form your reading list. The hard truth is that even as the first few sips do offer a spring of positivity and hey, those who swear by them, insist on using the term ‘life,’ but what you are essentially having isn’t all that nutritious.

One must, therefore, try to serve the body good nutrition. And just how does one do that? Well, simply balance nutritious meals with snacks.

Yet, at the same time, there’s some good news too. For those who’ve ‘got to have’ that morning cup of tea and the coffee at work and commute, switch to black coffee. And if you are a tea drinker, then skip white sugar and either switch to unsweetened tea or go for jaggery, which is regarded as the healthier option.

Lean proteins

Foods to overcome fatigue

They say that Lean Proteins are one of the healthiest ways in which to battle the wearing down feeling. So among the 5 foods that fight fatigue, it’s essential to stick with articles like chicken, turkey, and fish.

For the pure nutritive value too, one must try and include some fish. Here’s why? It contains omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, try some salmon and tuna; known for heart-healthy fats.

Whole Grainsfoods that fight fatigue

Foods to fight fatigue

Why you must opt for whole grains is for the simple reason that one of the richest sources of fiber to the body also doubles up being among 5 foods that fight fatigue.

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In fact, why just stop at that. Try to cross between complex carbohydrates and whole-grain foods.

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