The concept of- Friends and family! Well, it might or might not essentially gel well together. Just like some things don’t really go along that well. Let’s think of some instances, shall we? Say a thing like a girlfriend and a wife! Neither recommended nor certain to bring anyone an iota of peace of mind right? But let’s do away with too serious examples. Think for a second about wearing socks on sandals! Ever heard of the term obnoxious? Perhaps one may not have to go anywhere else apart from the aforementioned.

But while you’d never want to be seen dressed like that, you may not run away or instantaneously vanish from things like beer and pizza- or would you? While, surely beer is among the best beverages of all time, and really speaking, among those things that could be called a man’s best friend, there’s a surreal amount of happiness that comes from having beer and pizza.

Kind of a day well spent. Kind of a day that finds the best possible conclusion- oh those simple pleasures of life. Watching sports over the weekend with your boy gang only to wrap up a long, tiring day with a bottle of your favorite ale and some nicely baked pizza for company. How’s that for some happy go lucky, non-flustering meal-time?

Well, the thing is, some of us may or may not know but the thing is that October 9 is actually considered to be a really special date, even more so if it concerns our tastebuds. So how is that?

After all, October 9 is the Beer and Pizza day, among those things that you may call a fantastic winning combination. What else, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to bite into melting cheese on top of an unavoidable crust. Heaven- if anyone was ever looking- was right here amid us on the earth, Why not top it up with a few beers then?

Believe it or not, in some parts of the world, the above is precisely the stand-out idea where it comes to October 9, each year!

The Beer and Pizza day also, as a matter of fact, falls on the same date as one celebrates the World Post Day- did you know about that?

Beer and Pizza | when is beer and pizza day celebrated
Image Source: Chowhound

That told, on the occasion of the Beer and Pizza day, how about we jumped into some interesting facts that concern two of the most famous food articles that one simply can’t say not to, except when one’s stuffed?

Here’s quoting the Irish Times on the special occasion:

The very first, truly authentic, pizza was the iconic margherita, and a trio of toppings that have taken on iconic status around the world: parmesan, oregano and tomato.

Toppings have evolved in the centuries since to take in everything from pepperoni to pineapple, but one thing remains true: pizza is best served with a beer.

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With every corner of the country offering up their own spin on the Italian classic, Ireland is no different, as this Guinness-infused breakfast-themed effort attests.

So here’s us hoping that your hands are full on October 9 with a beer in one and a pizza with your favorite toppings in the other!

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