What do we do wrong? Making boiled eggs is supposed to be the simplest task of all. It does not need creativity, problem-solving abilities or difficult decision making and certainly does not need anything more than a pot and water. Yet some of us make several mistakes while cooking an egg:

We all say ‘Boil an egg’, like it is supposed to be transformed into liquid like a soup. The correct term is cooking an egg and the method used here is boiling. We boil water and cook the egg with the controlled heat in the pot. But, we know that we will keep on calling it the same as boiling the egg because it is embedded in our subconscious. There are several other methods to cook an egg, like baking, frying, and poaching, but today we will talk about the easiest of them all, ‘Boiling an Egg’.

The procedure we usually follow:

steps for boiling egg
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We just have to put everything in the pot, that is the egg and water, and set the hob on the highest level. After four and a half minutes we take the egg out again and looked forward to a healthy breakfast. But sometimes, when we take the egg out of the pot and peel it, it is still uncooked or worst, it has broken already in the pot and you have to make do with eating something else or stay hungry.

The better way of cooking an egg successfully.

Turn on the stove to the highest level, add water but only so much that you can submerge the egg. It works even if there is not enough water in it because it has something to do with water vapor but let us not do the science here. When the water boils, place the eggs in it. The inside of the egg only solidifies due to the heat. Then you can take it out after four and a half minutes. Those who want it a little harder, leave it in for five or six minutes. Basically, the longer the egg is left in the boiling water, the harder it will be inside. It should also be noted that the egg hardens faster on a gas flame than on an electric stove plate. So, deduct or add a minute. It might be a lot at once for a beginner, so here is an overview. Have fun at breakfast.

Boiled eggs
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1. Fill the saucepan with water (rule of thumb: about half full)

2. Place the saucepan on the stove

3. Turn on the stove at the highest level of flame

4. Wait for the water to boil

5. (Optional) Pierce the egg. If the egg is pierced on the top and bottom with a small sewing needle, it allows the pressure in the egg to equalize and the risk of bursting is reduced).

6. When the water boils, put the egg in with a tablespoon. Do not throw it in the pot because the egg could burst.

7. Look at the watch

8. As desired, lift the egg out with the tablespoon. The rule of thumb for the time it requires to be cooked is

a) 4 and a half minutes: Nice and soft
b) 5 minutes: Soft
c) 6 minutes: Half soft, half-hard
d) 7 minutes: Hard

9. Hold the egg on tablespoons under cold water. This method is called Quenching, the inner skin of the egg detaches from the shell, so the egg can be peeled easily.

10. Peel the eggs and enjoy your successfully cooked eggs.

Tip: Cooked eggs also taste great with bread like peeled and sliced simply placed on bread.

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