There are different types of drinkers with different favourite drinks and while alcohol should always be consumed in moderation and with care, there is one drink that is lauded for comprising some impeccable health benefits. We’re talking about the health benefits of red wine and how it is a perfect drink to unwind with. 

Benefits Of Wine

People from all over the world have been drinking wine for the longest time. Some prefer it with dinner and others like to include it in their snack platter, but there is one thing that is commonly remembered and advertised by everyone, and it’s that red wine is very good for your health. And, we have decided to iron out these health benefits of red wine and why it got to be called out for it. 

The whole theory behind these benefits of red wine has been birthed by the ‘French Paradox’. 

French Paradox is a phrase which refers to a wide observation that the French have low rates of heart disease, despite consuming a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol, in terms of their wine and cheese consumption.

Post the worldly observation, experts believe that red wine was the dietary agent that might be protecting the French from it. And, a reasonable amount and pour size is the key to actual success behind these benefits. 

While it is a bit difficult to understand what is the reasonable and moderate amount of wine that should be good for one, experts do believe that a proper glass of 30 mL of wine is the best solution. Actually, for women it’s a glass of wine a day, as for men it’s two glasses of wine a day, and ladies we’re extremely sorry for the news. 

Now that we have gone through all the reasons behind the benefits and what is the moderate amount for red wine consumption, let’s get started with the health benefits of red wine which is why you’re reading it in the first place. 

1. Full Of Antioxidants

One of the biggest and most popularised health benefits of wine is that it is full of anti-oxidants which helps in removing toxins and stops them from accumulating to cause a big problem.

While both red and white wine has antioxidants, however, if you’re going for this particular health benefit then you should choose white wine over red, since it contains a little bit more. 

2. Reduces Heart Diseases – Health Benefits Of Red Wine

Red Wine For Heart Health

Heart diseases are on a rise than ever before and it is said to be ever-growing. While many are already trying to do their best and put a limit on their food intake which might contribute to heart diseases, various nutritionists believe that even red wine helps in decreasing its effect.

Procyanidins – phenols are the tannins found in red which have been observed to be effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases. 

3. Lowers Cholesterol

The same procyanidins that save one from cardiovascular diseases, also promote lower cholesterol. Another one of the best health benefits of red wine is that it keeps your blood pressure at the check and helps you in living a healthier life. 

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4. Improves Cognitive Functionality

Yes, you are right. A glass of red is like food for your brain and helps it in working smoothly and even improves its functionality. Experts say that the chemicals in red wine prevent one’s brain’s neurons from dying off and boost their functionality. In the long term, red wine helps in slowing down the onset of diseases like Parkinson’s and dementia

5. Reduces Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

Red Wine For Diabetes

Diabetes is another big risk that is hovering over mankind and to be honest, it has to be one of the worst diseases to ever get. It snatches away your ability to have delicious and scrumptious sweets.

However, many have proved that if one is at Type-2 diabetes risk then red wine can be of utmost help. This is because resveratrol improves sensibility to insulin and it has been proved time and again. 

6. Improves Immunity

Many experts and nutritionists have claimed that another major health benefits of red wine are that it boosts one’s immune system. When consumed in moderate amount, red wine helps in fighting against infections and keeps a check on one’s immune system. But do remember that this does not give you a free pass for skipping on your vitamins. 

7. Has Anti-Ageing Properties

Want to have a fresh and radiant look for forever? Then do remember to pour yourself a glass of some delicious red wine and enjoy both the taste and solace it offers. 

8. Helps In Better Sleep

Red Wine For Better Sleep

Let’s face the truth, there is nothing that helps us in getting a more sound and magical sleep, than red wine. We don’t know if it can be considered one of the health benefits of red wine but it has to be one of the benefits in entirety. 

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These were some of the best and most popularised health benefits of red wine and as we mentioned earlier, all these benefits will make it your favourite drink to unwind with. Have a happy wine night. It is advised to drink red wine on alternate days not exceeding 160 ml.

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