Perhaps the only real connection one can possibly think of being between mushroom and tea is that one could be used to having tea-strange as it may sound- after finishing up on a bowl of juicy, succulent, spongy mushrooms. Because other than this, there doesn’t really seem to be any possible connection between tea and mushrooms, too morbidly dissimilar food items that one possibly can’t be thinking of linking together in one sentence. But given the changing vagaries of lifestyle eating habits and trendy stuff, it does appear that there exists a connection. A healthy one at that. So let’s discover some health benefits of having mushroom tea.

But before we get into this, can you, for a second or two delve into some guesswork to understand as to what might be the health benefits of having mushroom tea?

But first up, it’s important to understand that the key constituent of a usual cup of mushroom tea is Shiitake! Yes, Shiitake mushrooms immersed in a hot cuppa tea is what you need to unlock a world of several health advantages.

Apparently, there’s a tremendous piece of news for those grappling with worrying lifestyle concerns such as blood pressure. The key health benefits of having mushroom tea are down to the fact that the tea quickly absorbs excess salt from the body and as a result, reduces stress and anxiety.

Mushroom Tea

Truth be told, to those of us who feel the pressure of the everyday grind, aspects such as anxiety strike unannounced. To those who don’t develop anxiety, are mired by stress. Either way, stress, and anxiety are two sides of the same coin. In a world driven by deadlines and timelines, where multitasking is the key to survive, there are only a few- caught up in the professional, entrepreneurial grind- who aren’t spared by these maladies.

Making some minor tweaks to one’s lifestyle is but a real need of the hour, particularly if one wishes to have a balance between personal and professional endeavors and challenges. To that end, it’s essential to unlock the health benefits of having mushroom tea.

If you are one to experiment with varieties of tea OR mushroom dishes, this awesome tea could be your next adventure. Try it for its taste, nutritional value or just for the fact that mushrooms leave a very faint carbon footprint as compared to several commercially produced teas in the market. In any way, you have a treat laying ahead of you!

That mushroom tea is loaded with the essential Vitamin D helps in keeping the immune system of the body in a strong condition. Furthermore, it also keeps the bones in good shape. Apart from that, the fact that mushroom tea is also loaded with antioxidants helps the body to fight inflammation. As such the fact that mushrooms are laced with phytochemicals, which in turn, are known for their disease-fighting properties, is a big plus for the overall health.

That said, what kind of mushrooms are used in tea? Some popular varieties of mushrooms that are used in the liquid form happen to be Chaga, Lion’s Mane and Reishi.

To sum it up, with there being so many diverse benefits of having mushroom tea, it ought to be said, one must include it, at least, occasionally. How about sipping into some at least once a week?

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