Love Harry Potter more than your life? Then you need to try these Harry Potter recipes at your home and have a taste of magic, from the comfort of your kitchen.

As a kid born and brought up in the era and craze of Harry Potter, I immediately connect with everything magical. From different houses at Hogwarts to different spells from their classes, I could basically recall everything from every part of the Harry Potter series.

J.K Rowling is one of the finest authors of our generation who was able to create a world where everyone is welcomed, even a muggle, and it’s magical, to say the least. We have grown up to the magic and tunes of Harry Potter and going ga-ga over anything remotely related to Harry Potter is the next obvious phase in any Potter fans’ life. So, if you’re also one of those Potter fans, who sadly haven’t had the money or the chance to go and get a taste of magical Harry Potter recipes yet, then today is your lucky day. We have compiled a list of Harry Potter recipes that would bring back nostalgia and taste of everything magical to you.

These Harry Potter recipes are delicious and on top of that, they’re easy to make, which means that you can make and have them from the comfort of your kitchen.

1. Butterbeer

source: HungryNation

2. Butterbeer ice cream

source: The Disney Diner

3. Pumpkin Pasties

source: Feast Of Fiction

4. Chocolate Frogs

source: Bryton Taylor

5. Acid Pops, Licorice Wands, Cockroach Clusters

source: Demi Siriusly

6. Felix Felicis (liquid luck)

source: Bryton Taylor

7. Fever Fudge

source: The Disney Diner

8. Firewhisky

source: Bryton Taylor

So, what are you waiting for? Get your fellow Harry Potter fan and start making these Harry Potter recipes with them. I assure you, it’s going to be a magical night.

Jyotsna Amla