Weight loss. That’s the word. ‘Happy New Year’ will come and go. Other words like ‘What’s up’ and ‘parties’ will come and go. Cuss words that you don’t want to use but are often forced at using- well, your lookout, not mine- will also come and go and handle themselves.

But what really needs some care is stuff like ‘weight loss.’ And if you were to really nail it down, then, it’d be losing ‘belly fat.’ This is basically the buzzword of our lives today. Okay, let’s look at it differently; this is something that we, most of the times, think about, as a goal to be scaled or a destination to be arrived at.

Yet, the funny part- here’s the lack of fun, there’s no fun- is that often, we don’t step on the journey. And why’s that? Well, we are all lazy people who are excellent negotiators and whatever the hell we train ourselves into being. That bit said, on a serious note, don’t we all wish to be seen and heard from and, importantly talked about in the sense that no one else is?

In case, you thought this is going in the direction of ‘Hunger Games’ for greed, then stop. The point is, don’t we all want to look the best version of ourselves keeping in mind we look our best bodies, especially with no body fat, et cetera?

That said, let’s try and figure what quick food hacks we can do or know about right now so that we do not contribute to our belly fat and take it all away.

If you are bloating and it’s after you eat dairy products, then, well, don’t eat them!

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You may have heard the line- keep it simple, stupid. Now, no need to kiss the line. Do something utterly simple. Do not eat dairy products if you feel they make you bloat.

Now, the question is, what kind of dairy products should you avoid, Einstein?

In fact, here’s a bright start. Do not entirely avoid them, just limit them in your diet. These could be milk, cheese, yoghurt, and ice cream.

Women, especially with chunky thighs and arms are known to have ditched the above especially after the idea was suggested by The Healthy Mummy success story: Rhian Allen, in the UK.

Having said that, the thing about ditching or avoiding some dairy products is that they control calcium which is known to be doing a critical job in controlling what the body does with calories.

Processed baked food consumer, are you? Well, what are you doing- chuck it, like now!

belly fat

We love going to the malls for shopping and you know, just, you know, feeling good about ourselves for no rhyme or reason. Similarly, we love hogging all we find there, because, you know, what’s the harm in that?

That said, a lot of unfriendly friends reside there each time we drop in at a mall to consume them; they are savoury in taste but not really that good for us? So what are they and what?

If you are already upset about your belly fat and how you are sort of becoming an extension of your belly, then think again, for you might be actually needing to avoid stuff like doughnuts. These are, never good for the simple reason that apart from being stuffed with preservatives, they make you look puffy and bloated, which isn’t a good thing ever. Right?

Size does matter: of the cereal bowl

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Daily Mail

So you have heard that your cereal bowl is the key to consuming a great and healthy breakfast, right? Well, it is. But hey, let’s just spare Socrates or Dante the oddity of asking, “Just how much is too much?”

While there may not be anything bad at all in cereals- well, what can be wrong in it- perhaps having a reserve of it isn’t the best thing to do. Perhaps, having another bowl of cereal may not be the wisest thing to do.

The dieting experts- yeah, the horse’s mouth- suggest that one must check the quantity of cereal that one is having.

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