A calm personality, gentle mannerisms, utmost simplicity and a forever, contagious smile. These are the first but lasting impressions that you end up having upon the shortest of interactions with a man who’s making worldwide news, a man they celebrate as the man responsible for being the fastest pizza maker in Europe.

Life, it can be said, for Zagros Jaff is about spreading wide-eyed smiles and providing his useful skill through the sheer delight and taste of something we all love and often crave for- pizza!

But Zagros Jaff is no ordinary man. He’s being hailed as Europe’s fastest pizza maker. The earnest young man is much famous in Domino’s, where he’s sort of beaten the adage that we remember the yumminess of the pizza we crave for, not the force behind that meal.

The reason is simple. It’s bestowed upon him the rarest of rare rewards! Worldwide fame, if it could be put simply.

If anyone wondered how on earth was it even possible to make a pizza, a full proper pizza ready inside 30 seconds, then it appears, that Jaff has solved the mystery, once and for all.

And it is for this special, remarkable talent that the man who hails from the Middle East and works with Domino’s with that unwavering smile has caught up the media glare.

Apparently, ‘Europe’s fastest pizza maker’ can ready a pizza in flat 27 seconds. How’s that for a golden touch?

In fact, for exhibiting his eccentric ability in the kitchen, Jaff has earned the famous moniker for the third consecutive occasion on the trot. It could be asked, did he himself see this one coming?

And it must be said that the grand honor wasn’t bagged blandly. Jaff competed with the best pizza chefs across the entire European continent before he emerged a winner.

Winning the title wasn’t easy also because, in the light of making the slightest or faintest of mistakes, such as not putting a pepperoni slice in its right place on the pizza bread or with the fresh dough not being stretched to its perfect or right size, participants would be instantly disqualified.

The winner’s trophy, eventually handed to Jaff who fought off some feisty competition was inspired from Hollywood’s ‘walk of fame!’

On the memorable occasion, the winner declared, “I’ve been making Domino’s pizzas for over 10 years, and to win this title once again makes me really proud. Customers don’t always realize the skill that goes into making a Domino’s pizza, from hand-stretching the fresh dough and leveling the sauce with my own personal spoodle, to perfectly placing the fresh toppings.”

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