It is a habit that most of us have already inculcated right from our childhood. It is also a habit that our mothers or some avuncular, elderly figure in the family ensure develops in us. Once formed, you swear by it. Truth be told, there aren’t many nutritive alternatives to drinking this one. Having a glass of milk a day or at the most two is considered a great habit, particularly so when one is young and at the early stages of development.

But then, even when you grow into being an adult, often, you end up being a strickler for a warm glass of milk. To some, the habit might resonate especially during the winter season. Some reckon, there’s a different feeling to it altogether when one chugs on a glass of milk during the cosy winter season.

But hang on. Ever heard about the benefits of drinking turmeric milk in winters? While we know that turmeric and milk are completely two different food articles altogether, what might be the advantages of drinking turmeric milk in winters?

Well, let’s find about it straight away, shall we?

For starters, the key advantage of drinking turmeric milk in winters is that the warm glass of drink proves to be an effective energy drink that has long been considered a staple since centuries, some reckon.

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Cough and cold bothering you? Well, here’s what you gonna have

A huge benefit of drinking turmeric milk during winters is that it proves to be an effective antidote against seasonal cough and cold. While much of the winter season is about enjoying the chill weather, an accompanying problem to that is the cold and cough that the great season leaves us battling with.

So think no more. Simply have a glass of turmeric milk during winters and see the change it brings on.

Eases joint pains

As we grow older and lose the vitality in our body, the more do we increase common roadblocks such as joint pain. The condition is more common among people as they cross 50, that’s half a century of living!

In many among us, joint pain in the knees and elbows can be a regular irritant and it simply leaves us exhausted. But worry not. Try a simple and uncomplicated remedy, something straight out of the grandma’s kitchen recipes.

Have a glass of turmeric milk in winters and see the change. Due to turmeric’s incessant property that battles inflammation, having a glass of milk every day with some turmeric in it can bring relief.

Not just almonds

We are often told to have almonds when we begin to forget things easily. But is that the only way to rekindle our memory? Well, try a glass of turmeric milk in winters regularly. And see the change for yourself. It’s widely known that the curcumin present in the turmeric helps in giving one razor-sharp memory.

Benefits of turmeric milk
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This one might appeal a tad bit more to the female populace reading the piece. It’s a well-established fact that turmeric has been a part of Indian skin-care rituals. It’s believed that turmeric’s power compound- curcumin- has anti-ageing benefits.

The spice content is pretty dense in antioxidants that help in keeping wrinkles at bay. So what are you waiting for? Have you poured yourself a glass of turmeric milk in winters already?

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