Have you ever thought about what are the different types of almonds out there? Do you know the different types of almonds? And if yes, then how many different kinds of almonds do you know of?

For starters, here’s an important fact. It should hardly come across as a rocket science that we are living in an increasingly informed age. The general level of awareness today whether it concerns the kind of food we eat, the clothing we are accustomed to and the various forms of exercising (or keeping fit) is way better than before.

This increased sense of awareness isn’t one-dimensional and generally encompasses whatever we do in both personal and professional matters. It could be said we’ve become balanced and rational in decision-making. We weigh our options better than ever before. And we are also spoilt by sheer choice.

Almonds | Types of almonds
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Whether it is eating healthy, extracting more from our holidays and making the most out of our investments- whether in a house, car or the kind of tech we consume- things have undergone a massive change. There are greater discussions today on minute aspects of life and increased scope for debate and hence, our ability to judge and evaluate our decisions has improved than before.

In fact, one of the reasons we are more ‘aware‘ and ‘receptive‘ of things today than we were in the past is the easy access to information (and therefore, knowledge) and hence, better know-how of things. So in that regard, when it comes to matters of health, you may have seen that we’ve become slightly picky and choosy than how we were before.

The increased onus on eating healthy and eating well means that we analyze the smallest of things entering the belly. In that regard, there’s once again reinforced emphasis on the myriad benefits of eating nuts. Among the most famous, inarguably, are almonds- an evergreen consumable- right?

These culinary nuts are not only delicious but are also equally nutritious, hence, they form a regular part of different eating cultures and styles across the world.

So today, let’s try and understand the different types of almonds, the healthiest nuts according to a majority of the world.

Types Of Almonds

1. Nonpareil Almonds

What are Nonpareil almonds? For starters, these are among the most widely known varieties of almonds that are used everywhere.

Among the easiest ways in which to spot the Nonpareil almonds is that they have a thin outer shell. The relative quality of the nut is smooth. These are commonly known as medium flat nuts that have a light color and smooth surface.

Nonpareil Variety of Almond
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2. Carmel Almonds

Among the different kinds of almonds are the Carmel almonds. But, wait. Don’t get confused; it isn’t caramel.

The Carmel almonds are a popular variety of Californian almonds. This kind of almond is used widely in blanching and roasting. They were first introduced decades back in 1966.

Carmel Almond
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3. Butte Almonds

The Butte almonds are among the popular nuts worldwide. Among the easiest ways to recognize these different types of almonds is that they come in a semi-hard shell with a light color and smooth surface.

Apart from that, this is a nut that is relatively small in size, short, slightly plump and comes with a wrinkled surface.

Butte Almond
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4. Peerless Almonds

Now what are the Peerless Almonds and what do they even mean? The peerless almonds are among the widely known varieties of almonds. For starters, they are a noted California type.

Possessing a hard shell and a light color, among the most easily recognizable factor is that the peerless almonds have a smooth surface.

Peerless almonds
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The nut is medium in size and it possesses a fairly wrinkled surface.

One of the biggest advantages, particularly to the harvesters and sellers of peerless almonds, is their relatively long shelf life, that of 24 months.

5. Sonora Almonds

A slightly strange or unusual name for an almond, this is a famous California nut that is regarded for its peculiar shell.

A commonly understood fact about the Sonora Almonds is that they come with a relatively thin shelf (when compared with the other varieties). One could even identify them easily owing to the dark brown color and rough surface.

That said, the nut, however, is large, long, and narrow.

But regardless of the different types of almonds what is important to note is that the key factor that makes these nuts such a favorite and across the world is down to the various nutritive advantages they possess.

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Sanora almonds

They not only lower the blood sugar levels but also reduce the cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The essential dietary factor is linked to the high quantity of fiber, healthy fats, potassium, magnesium, and even Vitamin E.

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