All of us are aware of the nutritional value offered by milk. After all, it’s one of Indian parent’s favourite drinks for their kids. However, sometimes it becomes a topic of debate, on which milk is actually more nutritional? Hence the war between cow milk vs buffalo milk.

Glass of Milk | Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk
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Some people go for cow milk whereas some go for buffalo milk, depending on what they have been told and think is the best for them. But, the reality is, a lot of us still don’t know much about these two different types of milk and what nutritional value do they actually behold and offer.

So, today, let’s settle the debate on cow milk vs buffalo milk, based on their nutritional value, what they offer, and what needs they serve.

Buffalo Milk Is Thicker Than Cow Milk – Buffalo Milk Benefits

The consistency of the milk is determined by its fat content. Buffalo milk is thicker than cow milk as it has more fat content by nearly 7-8 percent whereas cow milk has 3-4 percent of fat. This higher content of fat in buffalo milk keeps your stomach full for a longer period of time and takes more time to digest.

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Cow Milk Is More Hydrated – Cow Milk Benefits

If hydration levels in milk is a major concern to you and your choice of milk, then you should go for cow milk as nearly 90 percent of its content comprises water. So, cow milk will fulfill your need for water and hydrate your body.

Cow Milk
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Buffalo Milk Has Higher Protein – Buffalo Milk Benefits

Another interesting fact on this cow milk vs buffalo milk is that the protein content of buffalo milk is approximately 10-11 percent more than cow milk. If higher protein is what you’re looking for, then buffalo milk is just the right thing for you. Though it is not advised for infants and older people, for young and middle-aged people it is highly recommended.

Buffalo Milk Contains Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol level is another thing that comes to our minds while choosing the type of milk. Even in this case, buffalo milk is a better choice as it contains lower cholesterol levels than cow milk and so is very well suited for patients with heart problems and keeps your heart strong.

Cow Milk VS Buffalo Milk For Weight Loss

As the protein content in buffalo milk is higher than that of Cow milk, so it is pretty obvious that the calorie content would also be more in buffalo milk. One cup of cow milk has 148 calories whereas a cup of buffalo milk has 237 calories. Hence, a cup of buffalo milk could be one’s whole breakfast, depending on one’s calorie intake.

Two Glasses of Milk | Cow Milk VS Buffalo Milk For Weight Loss
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Since cow milk is lighter and has comparatively lesser calories than buffalo milk it is better when you are trying to lose weight.

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Preservation of Milk

Cow milk requires to be consumed within two days at most, whereas buffalo milk can be preserved for a longer period of time, mainly because it has a higher peroxidase activity, which is basically a kind of enzyme. This enzyme boosts buffalo milk’s preservation capability and thus it can be stored for long.

Cow Milk Is Yellowish-White In Colour

Cow milk is yellowish-white in colour whereas buffalo milk has a creamy white colour. It so happens that in the case of buffalo milk, the beta-carotene pigment gets converted to the colourless Vitamin – A, which is the main reason for it being less yellow than cow milk.

Cow Milk Is Better For Sweets

Indian Sweets | benefits of cow milk
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Another interesting pointer on cow milk vs buffalo milk is that cow milk is better for sweets as it is thinner and less creamy than buffalo milk which is more suitable for other milk products and is even sleep-inducing, so helps you to sleep quickly after dinner.

If you were to ask us about cow milk vs buffalo milk, then we’d suggest you go for buffalo milk based on the nutritional value it offers.

Milk is an essential product in our daily lives, drinking milk daily will fulfill you with most of the essential and necessary nutrients such as calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and even fat.

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So, these were the major differences in this debate on cow milk vs buffalo milk, however, it is totally up to you to choose, based on what you prefer. Along with a good milk diet, it is necessary to have a healthy food plan as well. If you want to stay fit, then exercise daily, have a healthy diet plan, and drink a glass of milk daily. Stay healthy, stay fit.

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