It appears that one of the world’s friendliest beverages and one that signals a ‘buddy time’, regardless of the time of the day or date may be receding to a sweet, sugary aura. At least, that is the impression one gets upon hearing about a beer made with blueberry muffins!

And it turns out that famous American brand- Sheetz- the face of several convenience stores and coffee chains all across North America is the driving force behind this one of a kind drink, a beer made with blueberry muffins.

In a dramatic shift from the conventional mode of operation, at a time where Sheetz is widely popular for being a pit stop for gas, subs, and even lottery tickets, the renowned family-owned business is brewing a beer made with blueberry muffins. Just who would have thought of such a thing, say back in the nineties, it ought to be asked?

But now, the Altoona-based company is not only selling beer but making it. In fact, where beverage experimentation stands, then it could be said, it is brewing something rather distinct, away from the run of the mill pints and brews.

Having announced its intentions of making a limited edition-brew, Sheetz will soon be bringing- Project Blueberry Muffinz- the beer made of blueberry muffins.

And what a remarkable contrast it really is! One the one hand, there’s the sweet, sugary, savory mini-cake: blueberry muffin, and on the other, an actual beer. That the two can be relished over a refreshing drink is an idea worth lauding and an experiment worth dabbling in.

That told, the Sheetz family also shared some interesting insights behind their new novel consumer creation:

“We decided to do this because we care about our customers,” said Ryan Sheetz, assistant vice president of brand strategies for Sheetz. “They drive us to do what we do. They are our inspiration.”

So if you are in the United States in the times to come or happen to be a local based anywhere in the region, you know the new rather amusing drink to grab. Here’s more information about the product’s imminent availability.

Project Brewberry will be available while supplies last at 99 Sheetz stores throughout the state starting at 4 p.m. Aug. 29. That said, it must be added that care has been given to anoint economical pricing to the new drink hitting the market.

If you are someone who loves the idea of simply grabbing a pack, then the brand is making available a pack of four cans and putting a pocket-friendly $7.99 to it.

Interestingly, the overall alcohol content in the beer is 6 percent. Made under the blueberry blond ale, it appears that this could actually be a beer that grows on the younger beer-drinking lot. Think the millennials, for instance.

The traditionalists, one supposes, may take a while to get used to something rather out of the blue. But over and above anything else, it ought to be said that a beer made of blueberry muffin- a delectable favorite of many with a sweet tooth- is a ballsy idea at the end of the day.

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