You love beer. Probably, your friends love beer too. And so does everyone who wishes to lead a happy life and enjoy a happy-go-lucky time. Isn’t it?

But like with every good thing, there’s often a catch- isn’t it?

So there’s one with beer too, one’s favourite beverage post tea and coffee. if you were to take a trip down to countries like Ireland, Australia, New Zealand- you’d realise, Beer is more of a habit.

It’s sacrosanct to leading a good lifestyle, a complete aspect of sorts. And for the longest time, beer and its lager have been featuring in an endless string of debates.

Everyone wants to know just how helpful or healthy beer actually is? And believe it or not, beer, long been a subject of debate, conjecture, arguments, a pretty good time has finally been subjected to some clinical testing and proof.

So here is what you ought to know if you are a beer fan.

In what seems to actually be a really good news, it turns out, Beer is a great beverage, of course. And believe it or not, it is also backed by a serious health positive. Well, it’s being believed that beer is good for lowering the risk of heart-related diseases.

Did you ever expect something of that sort? Probably not. It’s rather funnily interesting that a beverage that is also avoided, perhaps as much as it is consumed, for being loaded with calories is actually slated to be good for one’s heart health.

And now, that interesting point is not the only stand-alone positive where beer is concerned. Beer is also tipped for being good for brain health. Well, obviously, there’s no surprise value to note that a load of diseases and medical complications that are severely affecting lives today include maladies such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and other brain-related malfunctions.

Who would have thought that a cool beverage like beer would aid in alleviating imbalances and effects caused to the brain? Isn’t it?

Did you ever see that one coming? But wait for a second and hold your horses. There’s also an interesting catch to this situation. After having being told so many positives, could it be that there are also some constraints or negatives that one has to take cognizance of when it comes to beer-consumption?

Well, yes. South China Morning Post, announced on the eve of the International Beer Day, the following:

In the wake of the celebration of International Beer Day, raise a pint to your health as researchers uncover growing evidence supporting the nutritional and health benefits of moderate beer consumption.

Many nutritionists and health experts have come to a conclusion after decades of introspection and studying of the beverage that there are certain risks that one has to be careful of when it comes to beer consumption.

And these are direct words of the experts published in the South China Morning Post:

So here is what you need to be mindful of, in case, you or anyone in your circle is obsessed about the habit of chugging one too many.“Beer contains trace amounts of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium, fluoride, and silicon,” she says. “Beer also includes a range of polyphenols such as flavonoids and phenolic acids that contribute directly to several beer characteristics such as flavour, haze, body and fullness.”



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