With the beginning of Navratri, fasting has also swung in with full force. And if you’re one of those who would be fasting for the next 7-8 days then our friends, along with this article, you also have our condolences.

It’s pretty hard to get in the mood of fasting, you need to have perseverance and strength for carrying out fulfilling fastings. There are many things that can change your mind or basically put you off from it, which no one wants.

However, we have so many options to look out for, just so satisfy our hunger. A huge portion of these options takes us to a more unhealthy zone of life. Apart from religious matters, fasting also helps one in order to clean their body from oxidants and other such things. But, consuming fried food and food with added preservatives is not going to be helpful at all, if anything it would just be more harmful to your body.

Source: NDTV
Source: NDTV

One can be healthy while fasting as well as not feel the heat of fasting through some simple ways. We decided to bring out these ways for you so that you would be able to have a more fruitful fasting time this season.

1. Rather than completely starving yourself, consume small portions of food. This would be healthy as well as helpful for your stomach and digestive system.

2. Drink as much water, juice and herbal tea as possible, this keeps you hydrated.

3. Try to have a balanced diet which has both carbohydrates as well as fibre.

4. Avoid eating too much at the time of breaking the fast.

5. Rather than frying your food, try to bake it. This makes your food too healthy to be regretful.

6. If munching is your thing, then try to make it happen with fruits, vegetables or other healthy substitutes.

7. Don’t sit idle. There are too many times when we eat just because we are bored. This raises to the power of hundred for when you’re fasting.

Expert Advice:

8. Try to avoid going to places that serve delicious, non-fasting food. This alone can make the whole task tougher than you can even think.

These tips and tricks would help one immensely in maintaining a more healthy as well as not at all tough, fasting routine. In the end, always remember that you will have a chance to eat all of the amazing food, in a couple of days. So, don’t be disheartened.

28th March 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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