Tanmay Bhatt is quite the talk of the town due to his recent Sachin Tendulkar- Lata Mangeshkar snapchat video controversy. He has been receiving a plethora of reactions from people. Some of them came out in support of him where as some are busy in  censuring him. Some are defending his freedom of speech where some are busy filing FIR filed against him. On the other hand, Amul found an extremely rollicking side to this controversy. Now we all know how creative Amul is when it comes to making posters that are inspired by recent incidents and they have done it again. Amul posted a cartoon poster on Twitter and it is just perfect.

Here’s The Poster:

They have included the cartoon characters of Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar to make this poster and it turned out extremely amusing. No only that, in fact, they have given two captions ‘FIR se khao‘ and ‘Joke se Jokhim tak’, which makes this poster more hilarious. While people are busy deciding whether the AIB Comedian’s video was spiteful  or not, Amul found it’s way to make people smile.

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1 June 2016
Avni S. Singh

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