Beauty with a talent, now that’s a rare combination. Isn’t it? Alia Bhatt is a different league, it can be said. At a time where Bollywood was fast becoming a landing station for item numbers, it is thanks to actors like Alia Bhatt that the tide is changing.

In an industry that is often being represented by actors, the doyens of the industry, this charming young actor is changing the rules of the game.

You won’t find her needlessly or forcefully donning the role that promotes the concept of feminism. Alia Bhatt is a different bird. Not like the one that is captured in a gilded cage.

She’s often the beating heart of the vulnerable woman, the person weirdly stuck in a desperate situation. An actor of paramount focus on the minute aspects that define the role of a heroine, well beyond the veneer of glib and glamour, there’s an Alia Bhatt is everything, whether it is dialogue delivery, those small keen pauses that reflect a person behind the personality and whatnot.

She amazed you in Highway, she was a nervous wreck in Dear Zindagi, she was a fiery comet in Kapoor and Sons and she was simply terrific as the baby-faced spy in the recently-released and much-acclaimed Raazi.

Now, recently, Alia Bhatt, who’s quite simply as pretty as she’s charming and eloquent made public what her favourite food is. Quite like the young brigade of actors who are on the social media, Alia too is struck by the amazement and wonder of this contagious virtual reality of our times.

And it is here on one of her revered social media pages that the Mumbai-based actor disclosed her favourite food, that, believe it or not, many of her fans or even co-stars may have been aware of. What do you think?

So, here’s the chance to make some guesswork for one final time before we reveal it for you. What do you think is Alia Bhatt’s favourite food- any ideas?

Okay, the time is up. Here is taking the cat out of the bag. So here’s what it is. Alia Bhatt only just recently shared that her favourite food is “Ghar Ka Khana”, or “home-cooked food.”

So it ought to be asked, are you surprised?

So unlike most of the actors and actresses (her co-stars) of this era that are often seen hanging out in expensive eateries or plush restaurants and those fancy things, Alia Bhatt is more of a domestic home-bird.

She likes lentil soup and rice and that’s pretty much it, so not too many shenanigans of that sort or anything like that.

Apparently, this is something that Alia made public on Instagram, arguably her favourite among the multiple social media platforms that she is using. This is both interesting and encouraging in a sense, don’t you think?

While actors have to follow a painfully-correct regimen related to diet and exercising, they can be easily coaxed into following a sort of hunky dory regimen or not the most disciplined lifestyle, Alia’s simple and sorted choice is a call to action. Isn’t it?

She’s not even 30 yet and is all of 25. Isn’t that a very young age for pretty much a grown-up kid to abstain from the lure and charm of eating out and being unfocused as much of the girls her age anyways are?

Perhaps, it ought to be said, on a serious note that Alia’s rather domestic, homebred and homebound eating and dining choice is got to be commended.

Here’s something more.

Alia famously switched to a vegetarian lifestyle and was even named as PETA’s Hottest Vegetarian For The Year 2017. The actor had revealed that she had chosen to become a vegetarian as she believed it was a way to a healthy life.

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