Talk of some innovation in the realm of food and beverages and you come down to this! Could you have ever imagined that there would be a day when people would be adding ghee to coffee and have it? Well, guess what? That day isn’t some fictitious date in the future. It’s happening now.

The habit of adding ghee to coffee is increasingly becoming popular and not just among the health conscious lot in India but also among the foodies! Is this enticing and hitherto unheard-of change got to do with health or is this some fashionable fad that’s emanated from the West?

Just why are people adding ghee to coffee?

Here’s what you need to know. The simple act of adding ghee to coffee is commonly known as “Keeto Coffee!” It appears that in the more recent course of the past, a lot of celebs have been adding ghee to coffee and having it. This form of coffee is more than some new-age diet fad.

adding ghee to coffee

In fact, it appears that mixing ghee and coffee has a lot many health benefits, such as the following:

Adding ghee to coffee is good for your gut: as it turns out, coffee is said to be little harsh on the body’s digestive system. People, especially on an empty stomach, refrain from having any coffee whatsoever.

So when you have the “Keeto coffee” it helps to cut down on the acidity, inflammation and the calcium content in the hot beverage, which, in turn, neutralizes the effect.

Adding ghee to coffee provides Omega 3s, which is good for the gut health and metabolism.

Adding ghee to coffee also helps in weight loss: among the big concerns that everyone is facing especially in today’s times, where the facet of leading a sedentary lifestyle is more common than ever, is weight loss.

Ghee Coffee

And it’s not only a girl’s thing, to be honest. Even the guys are concerned and more often than not, bogged down by excessive weight gain. So what to do? Well, few things could be as good as having some Keeto coffee for effective weight loss.

Experts and nutritionists suggest that when one chooses to add ghee to their coffee, one includes a nutritious fat and therefore, doubles up on the benefits of coffee. So while coffee does not fill you up, it’s real advantage stems from the fact that it suppresses the production of the hunger hormone.

So how does this help? Well, this slows down the digestion process and, therefore, makes you eat less. Experts also suggest that ghee is a little sweeter and less salty when compared to butter.

Therefore, it’s always a nice idea to cut back on salt with your cup of coffee. The same could be said about artificial sweeteners as well.

Adding ghee to coffee is a nice alternative to breakfast: for most of us, regardless of age, occupation or background, the breakfast is the single-most-important meal of the day. One can think of skipping any meal during the course of the day, but the breakfast is a highly satisfying and daily habit, more like a ritual.

But if you are someone for whom the start to the day has to necessarily involve some coffee, then adding some ghee to it could prove to be very rewarding at the end of the day. This is true especially for those who are completely consumed by the idea of having coffee every morning but are also concerned about consuming empty calories.

Adding ghee to coffee does not really suffocate the digestive system, hence no bloatation. And moreover, the fact that it does provide the body some fat, ensures that one is good to go and kickstart the day, not on an empty stomach.

Therefore, henceforth, coffee addicts, remember to put some butter to your morning cup of ritual!

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