Three things are crazily popular in Italy. First is Leonardo Da Vinci. The other is the great city of Rome, often fondly called the eternal city, perhaps the world’s own unique way of calling it an evergreen citadel of bright sunshine and hope. And the third is the pizza. Truth be told, few things stoke one’s appetite as well as a pizza does. Isn’t it?

In fact, it may not be incorrect to suggest that these are arguably, the most popular exports of the country to the rest of the world. Ain’t that, right?

It’s actually impossible to imagine one’s day or life without pizza, on many days, our constant ‘other.’ There’s no particular excuse that one needs to create to have a pizza, for the proclivity to have one for no particular reason at all, explains its majestic quality.

But guess what? Italy, the birth of its very creation has now developed something rather extraordinary, something out of the blue: a 500-meter pizza.

So what exactly is this 500-meter pizza and what are the special ingredients that have gone into creating this giant appetizing.

Making a case for entry into the grand Guinness book of world records, the 500-meter pizza is the current talk of the town in Italy. And why not? It’s made of ingredients that cover every mile of one of Europe’s most iconic countries.

So here’s what the enormous pizza is made of:

500 kilos of flour

400 of tomato pieces

50 litres of extra virgin oil

10 kilos of Basil

With the overall delicacy seasoned with as many as 50 typical products.

This gigantic creation is up for display at the famous Emilia Romagna, which happens to be the world’s first theme park, nestled in the north-east of Italy.

Euronews, among the leading media platforms in all of Europe, happened to share the following in lines with most talked-about pizza’s destination:

Visitors to the Emilia food park have first admired the realization of the very long pasta ribbon prepared by 30 Neapolitan pizza makers and then tasted the record specialty: the pizza was spread on 270 tables and cooked with 2 mobile wood-burning oven.

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