James Dean wore them, later popularised them, Hollywood glamorised them, popular culture refined it and restyled it again and again and yet, we are never done with wearing them- time and again. Everyone, it ought to be said, is madly in love with denim jeans and yet, decades since its creation, one can see the romanticism associated with a fashionable fabric is only growing.

But after years and years of being worn by stylists, actors, musicians- rock stars in particular, and after often being derided for being a tad bit ‘casual’ in feel- denim jeans are undergoing a simple revolution, if it could be said.

It seems after witnessing one fad too many in the ever-growing sphere of denim jeans, the fabric is preparing for what can be aptly summarised as a simplistic revolution. The return to the roots, at the moment, is the biggest ground-breaking story in the realm of world’s most worn fabric.

According to many a youth in the United States, ever surrounded by an overzealous upside of fashion- simplicity, is still, pretty much the notion that escalates the idea behind the denim jeans. And if the words of a trendy youngster, Stevie Dance- interesting nickname, isn’t it- is to be believed then there is nothing more beautiful than a simple pair of blue denim jeans.

Owner of the denim jeans brand- The Feel Studio inc.- Stevie Dance is busy in coming up with a new lineage of denim jeans that is beautifully attempting to recapture the original essence of the simple denim. Whether it is style, nonchalance, elegance- jeans- are pretty much the answer to fathoming the multitudes of fashion.

For someone like Stevie Dance, who is also a photographer as well as a stylist, travelling is often not out of choice but a part of professional hazard, the earnest spirit also working in the capacity of being the editor of a Brit Indie magazine- Pop. Travelling, therefore, being more frequent on Stevie Dance’s schedule as are absences from work on a weekend, automatically springs into life- what to wear and what not to, the curious decision sparking the need to wear the denim fabric.

Stevie Dance states,”Jeans are all I wear, but I would have to pack several pairs of jeans for night, day and the plane, and that was so confusing. “I wanted to be able to pack just the one.” There is often the ill-habit that one resorts to when it comes to packing more than what will ever really come into play.

Therefore, the great ability to take only that which matters and to simplify things is the great agenda for Stevie Dance, whose The Feel Studio, a new line of denim stands for simplicity in the denim fabric. Having put not one but four back-to-back years into research and design, Stevie Dance, finally arrived at the onerous find that she had been long searching for. What should be the kind of denim that can last long and serve a multi-fold of purpose- nonstretch, straight-leg, button-fly, mid-vintage-wash denim.

Although, her jeans are designed specifically for the girls, Stevie Dance is of the view that even boys can wear’em. But it’s not easy to design a denim jeans brand ever, is it? After all, there’s always an endless pile of names that are out there and by the tick of the clock are only scaling their production.

So what were a few insights that Stevie Dance brought to the table with regards to “Feel”? “We spent four years working on one single style of jeans, sampling the same cut in its entire size range (25 to 32), in both regular and tall leg lengths, as we went, and trying them on over 50 different shaped bodies.” Jeans that are comfy and yet, at the same time, a partner in crime for the long-run- aren’t these the best-bud in the form of a denim?

In a world constantly straddled by insane amounts of creativity, it pays to have some simplicity and non-conformity to the glib and gloss that ferrying around and perhaps that is what sets apart Silvie Dance, putting her brand truly in a league of its own. For starters, it’s a daring idea to have a denim label out there when so many are uniquely positioned out there.

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