Times have changed, while earlier makeup was something that was just restricted to special occasions or special people, is now open to experimenting for everyone. We as a society no longer care about who wears how much makeup and to what occasion, moreover, we no longer give someone a flack for using it. Applying makeup has turned into a form of art that very few have actually mastered but everyone is consistently trying to and if you’re one of the latter than we have collected a list of 7 of the best makeup brands in India. 

While some of the brands have been in the country and serving the makeup enthusiasts for a long-long time, others are fairly new in the market yet have created a name for themselves. Certain ones have entered the Indian market after the ruling the west and people just can’t stop raving about them enough.

In short, each of these brands brings something new and unique to the table which is loved and trusted by millions of people who love makeup. So, here are 7 of the best makeup brands in the country that everyone should know about. 

1. L’Oreal

L’Oreal Lipsticks

L’Oreal is a French brand and can quite easily be called the big daddy of this business. The brand, apart from being an individual cosmetic brand in the market, also acts as a conglomerate that houses different small, yet popular brands. Despite all of this, L’Oreal is a renowned international brand that makes quality makeup and has some of the most glamorous and popular female celebrities associated with it.

Must-Try Product: Lipsticks 

2. Maybelline

Maybelline Kajal

Maybelline has to be one of the most popular makeup brands that most of the girls begin their makeup journey with, which makes it one of the best makeup brands in India and the world. Started by a 19-year-old entrepreneur, Thomas Lyle Williams in 1915, Maybelline came into existence after Thomas saw his sister mixing vaseline and coal on her eyebrows. They’ve now expanded from makeup to skincare and other areas too. 

Must-Try Product: Colossal Kajal

3. Lakme

Lakme Lipstick

Lakme is a part of the Hindustan Unilever Group and has been in existence ever since the country got Independence. It was started after Prime Minister showed concerns about women paying foreign taxes for cosmetics. What started as an affordable makeup brand is now one of the best makeup brands in India that are loved and appreciated by many. Their products come in different variants and at different price points which makes them available for people from different economic statuses. 

Must-Try Product: Lakme’s 9 to 5 range

4. Colorbar

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

Another makeup brand that is familiar to the country for a variety of products and tools. Launched in 2005, the brand is available in Germany, Italy, France, Greece and all across the Middle East. They’re known for their quality products and tools that range from makeup to makeup tools. 

Must-Try Product: Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

5. M.A.C

M.A.C is one of the most trusted, glamourous and loved by professionals, makeup brand. Started in 1984 in Toronto, MAC has been a part of the Estee Lauder company since 1998. The company was first started for the use of just makeup artists and models, but gradually the company turned into a niche brand and today it’s one of the biggest and best makeup brands in the world. More importantly, MAC has been a brand that has never advertised about themselves. They’re working on the word-of-mouth marketing and continues to do so, which makes their company’s existence even more authenticated and true. 

Must-Try Product: M.A.C lipsticks, especially Ruby Woo. 

6. PAC

PAC Lip Liners

PAC which stands for Professional Artist Cosmetics is a super affordable brand and if anyone wants to get into the professional makeup market then this is it. Their products are just amazing and people have been constantly raving about them ever since the brand came out with a bunch of new makeup range. 

Must-Try Product: PAC Lip Liners.

7. Nykaa

Nykaa Liquid Lipstick

Nykaa as a company can easily be considered one of the most successful business models to come out of the country. What started as a makeup retail website in 2012, soon had their first offline store in 2015 and then they started launching their own makeup and cosmetics range. Now, Nykaa is one of the best makeup brands in India known especially for their lipsticks and lipliners. 

Must-Try Product: Nykaa Liquid Lipsticks


BrandMust Try Product
MaybellineColossal Kajal
LakmeLakme’s 9 to 5 range
ColorbarColorbar Perfect Match Primer
M.A.CM.A.C lipsticks, especially Ruby Woo
PACPAC Lip Liners
Nykaa Nykaa Liquid Lipsticks

These were 7 of the best makeup brands in India and they have been a popular hit among the consumers and continues to do so. Which one is your favourite?

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