Never a dull moment in her life; she’s constantly busy about balancing personal endeavours and family life along with the unstopping work on her individual brands. She doesn’t make sly innuendos. She exults with her sexuality on the mainstream with an unabashed candidness that’s hard to find. Her style statement is imbued with an allure, something that can be only expected from a diva who is on top of her game.

And now, fans of Kim Kardashian who always dream about the diva- regardless of day or night- will have to their pleasure a rare chance of holding the beauty in their own hands.

Kim Kardashian
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But puns be kept aside, Kim Kardashian’s next perfume is slated to come in a bottle that will be in shape of the diva herself. Imagine the exquisiteness associated the new creation? A perfume body in the shape of none other than Kim Kardashian.

Titled KKW body, the new Kardashian perfume is ready to take popular culture fans by storm- you ought to think. But philosophically speaking, even as the doors of the famous Kardashian sister’s brand DASH stores have closed, the closure has led to a new beginning.

Kim Kardashian

This may, as everyone’s believes it, prove to be a big turner in the fortunes of Kim Kardashian. The news that a new perfume bottle tailored to Kardashian’s body has spread like wild fire in the western media. And it wasn’t too hard to understand why, for in the seamless love for consuming anything celebrity or bordering even a minuscule love for celebrity culture or fad- Kim Kardashian- rules the roost. In fact, Kim Kardashian’s association with fragrances isn’t really a new phenomenon.

Just 6 months back, toward the close of 2017 did Kim launch a perfume, named KKK? Now, the next edition of the dazzling diva’s signature- an intimate reminder of the sizzle- is expected to hit the stores in the month of May. So far, not a lot is known about the upcoming new edition that typifies Kim Kardashian except for the fact that the diva has rallied her support about the impending launch. Speaking to some pop culture outlets, Kardashian is known to have said, “The scent is so good, I’m proud of it. It smells to me like what I think golden would smell like.

Kim Kardashian

Even thought that’s a colour and something that’s just luminous”. Notoriety be damned, one just can’t wait to imagine or fathom what might Kim Kardashian smell like? Not everyone, after all, is Kanye West. Isn’t it? Making no bones about her inkling to get readied with the launch of her perfume, Kim Kardashian has expressed that she is ‘full-on’ on work mode and can’t wait to see “an implicit part of her style statement” out there with those who are perhaps craving for it!

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