Girls love fashion the same way men like sports. Anything related to speed and machismo represents men quite well. Therefore, when it comes to exciting speedsters, bikes, stylish stationary items like expensive writing instruments or designer jackets, one is certain that the menfolk jump in joy with such great variety out there.

In quite a contrast, women love being represented by items that amplify feminine beauty.

So the womenfolk absolutely love to get their hands on pretty much anything and everything that brings out their beauty, beautifying them further. It’s an intrinsic part of their personality. It’s a natural trait of sorts and it’s uniquely beautiful.

So the way men take to cars or gadgets, women take to jewellery and decorative items that signify their style and match elegance to grace.

That has been the trend. And that is how it will be for the times to come. But that said, shouldn’t it be asked are stylish hairdos and expensive jewellery the only ornaments that beautify women? Surely not, isn’t it?

Often, some of the more restrained and understated items bring out the beauty of women in a remarkable fashion. Take this for instance.

The music in life doesn’t always come from catchy Bollywood numbers or pop songs. You find the melodious sound of the music often from the women’s feet. Isn’t it? Wondering how? It’s all thanks to that decorative item called the anklets.

It’s one thing to listen to melodious music. And it’s something quite other to hear the cheery sound of one’s girlfriend or wife moving about in a house producing the gentle hush sound of an anklet? Anklets are to the beauty of the feet what charming ear-rings are to the majesty of a woman’s facial appearance.

Girls love great anklets. And thanks to the contemporary culture of shopping not merely restricted to being in spacious shopping malls or shopping arcades, the tide has changed. The idea of shopping these days is also largely directed toward online buying. It’s speedy, convenient and doesn’t impose the needless demands of time, place.

One can shop from the within the comfort of one’s home. One needn’t be out there in person. So which are the best online options to shop for anklets girls?

In case you were wondering, we got that covered for you:



A popular business-to-business e-commerce platform nestled in the ecstatic corporate highs of Beijing, China, DHgate is fast becoming a leading platform for a ceaseless spate of shoppers spread all around the world.

Catering to a woman-centric audience, to a large extent, with regards to a wide array of products that include skin-care, hair, hygiene and beauty products, DH Gate is a great source to source one’s favourite anklets involving a nice basket of designs. They ship flawlessly to different parts of Asia and are revered for a noted customer service experience.

For instance, one can choose from several silvery beaded anklets and exciting designs to pick from. So what are you waiting for girls?

Paytm Mall


If there’s a revered online shopping experience today that gives girls pretty much what they want to savour then it’s Paytm Mall. This is a unique online shopping experience that could actually be likened to a girl-exclusive shopping mall on the World Wide Web. Don’t be mistaken. It doesn’t mean that there’s nothing noteworthy for men, for there is plenty.

But specifically for the girls out there, one can comfortably say, given such unique variety, they can only be spoilt for choice.

Out here in the endless expanse of Paytm Mall, girls can find lots of unique choices such as the silver anklets, studded anklets, Black-Lace anklets and tons of traditional designs. Time to log-in girls!



Well, who doesn’t know of the word Amazon? Probably, if you haven’t, then you do not know about the space called the World Wide Web or aren’t that frequent when it comes to shopping online.

But where there is Amazon, it can be said that it is a beautiful maze for the women shoppers. How else can it be described? There’s such great variety, such profound range and so many things to choose from that it can actually confuse the excited women shoppers.

In an age obsessing over genres and obsessing over niche products and services, Amazon has pretty much emerged as a niche when it comes to pretty much everything- including- mobile and gadgets, musical instruments, writing instruments, gift items, jewellery and pretty much everything that compels a shopper to go berserk inside a mall or a marketplace. Isn’t it?

It’s a great thrill for women to find articles they’d simply love when it comes to Jewellery and related items. With myriad designs and both simple and elegant themes to handy items such as anklets, women can be delighted to find Amazon as the best possible choice in an age where fashion is gaining new ground every single day. Some of the sterling options here are for the shining divas- such as the Rose Gold heart anklet, the unique designs of silver design anklets, the pearl anklets and, the bead-studded silver anklets.

Ali Express

One of the more renowned off-shoots of the revered Ali Baba group, the Ali Express might be owned by the powerful Jack Ma-led enterprise. But truth be told, it flourishes fantastically independently and on its own. One can find both simplistic, stylish, dazzling and gothic anklet designs here, which basically means that Ali Express is in no way any less enterprising for women’s choicest decorative item as one finds on other platforms in popular online culture today.

Some emerging design patterns such as ethnic and culturally-reclining anklet or foot bracelet designs are found in aplenty on Ali Express. Girls, be prepared to get spoilt for choice here.

It’s really fascinating that while on the one hand, emerging platforms are making the space of online shopping an increasingly competitive one, on the other hand, they are ufurling a world of its own for a shopping-hungry audience that’s scattered all over the world. Perhaps, it is a phenomenon that cannot be shunned by the harshest critics of globalisation.

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