Bacne, if you have never had it then you are a blessed person because most of the women are irritated with these zits that appear on the back. It is far difficult to cure bacne as you can actually apply all sorts of products on your face easily but putting it on your back might take breaking your hand.

The worst part is that it covers your beautiful back with blemishes. You can cover your face but how can you apply concealer on the part where it is impossible for your hand to reach. We know that struggle bacne puts through us ladies and believe it or not we know it simply sucks.

So what to do about this problem. Well, we just can’t stop it owing to the fact that the hair products keep sliding down to your back which makes plugged up your pores but the good news is that you can actually control it.

Here are some ways to get rid of your bacne and we are sure that you were waiting for long for these treatments.

1. Acne Fighting System.


Here is the good news, the products you use on your face, actually work on your back too. However, you will still need someone else’s help to apply them. Use a salicylic-based wash which will kill any bacteria that cause pimples and then apply an alpha and beta hydroxy acid-containing gel. Use this treatment only on trouble area and make sure that you keep this regime until the time bacne isn’t completely gone.

2. Exfoliating Soap.

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Yeah, an exfoliating soap will clean your pores and remove dirt, oil, sweat, or bacteria. For better results we recommend you to use a charcoal bar.

3. Cleansing.


Gently cleanse your back with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. You can also choose one loaded with fresh fruit extracts. It will exfoliate and clean your back skin and keep those zits away.

4. Anti Acne Wash.

Okay, you are throwing your precious money of body wash but if you are doing so, why not add another thing. Use a body wash that is anti-acne. A body wash that contains benzoyl peroxide will be great for it.

5. Makeup Removing Wipes.


Your skin on the back actually gets dry frequently which is why the body produces more oil there. In the result to that, it causes more blemishes and zits. So we suggest you keep gentle, oil-free wipe in your bag and swipe your back two times a day to keep it bacteria free. If you are prone to regular exercise, use medicated wipes.

It’s easy if you love your back as much as you love your face. That bacne will make you conscious every time you wear a backless and that’s something that you don’t need in life.

Avni S. Singh

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