The Internet is a great place to get the answers to your queries. Sometimes from Google and other times from your fellow netizens on the space who know the answer even when Google doesn’t. Often this results in something the world was not ready for, who can forget the whole “dress” situation where one person asked what the real colour of the dress was, and the entire world got stumped on it.

Ever since then, optical illusions are big on social media and almost everyone wants to start one or either be a part of one.

Adding to that is this one where a girl posted a mirror selfie which is confusing the masses on the Internet. As it happened, model Marisol Villanueva, who goes by the name ‘Rose’ on Twitter shared photos of herself in track pants and sweatshirt in an attempt to make a fashion statement by combining horizontal and vertical stripes. “Yea I just combined vertical and horizontal stripes [SIC],” she wrote sharing two pictures.

But the Internet saw something more intriguing in the picture than her effort two combine two different patterns. This particular picture has forced many to take a double look at the photo to decode whether the model had one leg or two, showing in the photo. Although one can see her two sneakers-clad feet, her lean thighs had many quite puzzled. The optical illusion in not one but both the photos has left Twitterati quite confused.

Here’s how the entire discussion regarding the illusion went down:

While some mistook the stripe on her pants to be the gap between her legs, others simply felt she was one-legged, with a strategically placed shoe next to her. This indeed shows netizens fascination with any optical illusion.

The entire concept while first started with the dress, it soon took over various other coloured items, along with some confusion with a number of people and photoshopped edges. In all this, we have found out how minutely the people on Internet go through a picture.

Jyotsna Amla

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