Ever thought about the 10 natural ways to improve memory? It would be needless to suggest what’s understood. We are actually nothing and next to zilch in the absence of our ability to remember, i.e., memory. Who, after all, would even dare to imagine prevailing in such a vegetative state?

At the end of the day, it’s our ability to recollect and remember things and events- as they occur; places, aspects, objects, and people; that account for something meaningful, right?

If you were to, for instance, simply be by yourself, staring at a blank wall absent-mindedly without having any power whatsoever to register or recount anything that makes sense or adds value, would you even call that living? Being in such a state would be far away from a normal existence- isn’t it?

On that note, it is but important to constantly find ways through which one can improve and sharpen one’s memory, an aspect of life that tends to wither away as normal ageing catches up with us humans. But at the same time, it is also worthwhile to know about some natural ways to improve one’s memory.

That being said, let’s look at 10 natural ways to improve memory:

Eating Less Added Sugar

Ever understood the link between eating less added sugar and the memory? Well, experts opine and argue that eating less added sugar (white sugar, in particular) can actually prove to be an effective means to boost one’s memory.

Natural Ways To Improve Memory

In fact, research has suggested that having a white-sugar laden diet can cause problems in remembering things. Who would ever want such a thing?

If one were to habitually consume a sugar-bellied diet then it would impact that area of the brain that stores short term memory.

So one of the 10 natural ways to improve memory is to simply abstain from having added sugar. This isn’t just a means to boost memory but to also impact the overall health in a favourable manner.

Try Some Fish Oil Supplement

Wow, this may seem a bit surprising after all! But experts and nutritionists argue that studies have shown that consuming some form of fish oil supplement can improve memory, especially among the adult age-groups.

Foods That Improve Memory

In fact, having supplements such as the DHA and EPA tend to improve episodic memory. What’s more? Both DHA and EPA are known to be vital toward an improved functioning of the brain, hence among the 10 natural ways to improve memory.

Start Meditating

How To Improve Your Memory
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At the end of it all, don’t you find yourself and your energies sapped in the everyday rigors that life brings? Do you feel a genuine dearth of time on hands that could be used rather fruitfully toward your own health improvement?

If the answer to the above is a resounding yes, then maybe it’s about time you started focusing on the self. On that count, what could be better than meditating, one of the 10 natural ways to improve memory.

One commonly hears about the relevance of mediating particularly among the elderly, aged people for the simple reason that when we age, the grey matter decreases. Meditation and relaxation, therefore, improves short-term memory, a fact.

Maintaining A Healthy Body Weight

How To Improve Memory And Concentration

Now here’s another interesting suggestion right? What could possibly be the link between one’s body weight and the ability to remember things? Well, don’t be surprised to know a well-established fact: several studies have argued that obesity is a high-risk factor attributed to cognitive decline.

It can also lead to insulin resistance and inflammation, both of which tend to negatively impact the brain.

Try To Sleep Enough And Well

Among the 10 natural ways to improve memory is to also get a good amount of sleep. And truth be told, given the fact that we tend to remain so lost and occupied in everyday rigors, there’s hardly enough time dedicated toward sleep.

How To Increase Memory Power Naturally

It’s a common fact that sleep deprivation is linked to memory loss. So start getting enough sleep- a rich fodder toward improved memory.

Practicing Mindfulness

Of the 10 natural ways to improve memory, this could perhaps be among the most undersung methods, truth be told.

How To Increase Memory Power

The simple and uncomplicated process of mindfulness requires one to be simply aware of the surroundings; the environs and realities that are in the immediate ecosystem or habitat of one’s living. In a way, it is the practice of focusing or training the brain to focus in a particular direction.

Consume Less Alcohol

Perhaps you may have heard of this one previously as well. It is said that having alcohol in a limited or pre-determined capacity can help in improving one’s memory.

This is down to the simple reason that binge drinking, which is doubtlessly an unhealthy activity, increases the blood alcohol levels to around .08 grams per ml and even above. Studies have shown that this precisely alters the brain and results in memory loss.

How To Improve Memory Recall

Further to the above, it’s also well understood and documented that repeated cases of binge drinking can actually lead to the damage of the hippocampus, that part of the brain that plays a vital role in the memory.

So among the 10 natural ways to improve memory is to simply abstain from binge drinking.

Cutting Down On Refined Carbs

Another dietary measure that can improve one’s overall memory levels. We are, at the end of it all, what we eat- aren’t we? To that end, it is essential to be mindful of what we consume.

Foods That Cause Memory Loss

Several studies have already shown that western diets, in particular, are linked to dementia. Therefore, be watchful of certain articles in particular, such as white rice, noodles, and other junk food items.

Start Exercising More

One of the simplest and most uncomplicated measures to improve memory is by exercising more. Exercising well is not only key to maintaining good physical health but also to keep good mental health.

How To Train Your Brain
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This activity- whether you walk, go for a run or jog, or even hit the treadmill or do something as simple as skipping or hitting the stationary bike- can impact the brain positively as this is linked with improving the cognitive functioning of the brain. This is linked with memory.

Avoid Anti-Inflammatory Foods

How To Strong Our Memory

Having such food articles that are rich in antioxidants- such as teas, fruits, and vegetables- is a healthy eating habit. This is down to the fact that they lower inflammation in the body. Recently, a study that involved around 31,000 individuals ascertained that those who ate more fruits and vegetables (as a routine) habitually had lesser chances of developing dementia and other issues linked with memory loss.

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