Margaret Atwood often says, “not everyone is going to like your work and if they do then you’re doing something wrong.”
This award-winning Canadian author has been published in over 35 countries and is one of the few writers who defy categorization. She is loved by almost everyone for her work, from the critics to the high-school students and even the viewers now, ever since her critically-acclaimed book, Handmaid’s Tale, has been turned into a TV series.
Her experiments in narrative, form, and genre have persisted throughout her decades-long career, and they foreground an explicit yet elegant execution of progressive politics.
She is a published author of more than 40 books and through each one of them, she chooses to bring forth an idea of progressiveness and even dystopia. She has always been known for pushing conventional boundaries and examining contemporary culture which makes her an interesting author, as well as human being to follow and read and listen to. Along with all this, she is constantly talking about the power of writing and words which hits home to many.
Today we’ve gathered a 10 Margaret Atwood quotes that narrates the importance of writing, literature and books.

1. This is the real power that can change the world for good. 

2. Freedom and joy can be with you even when you’re old and grumpy. 

3. War happens when language fails. 

4. Margaret Atwood writes for herself. 

5. Sometimes, the idea to give up on perfection do you better than what one can even think of. 

6. Everyone has a paper, not everyone has words. 

7. Storytelling will never be dead. 

8. We all are stories. 

9. The salvation that keeps her going. 

10. Returns make you miserable. 

These Margaret Atwood quotes will bring you closer to your creative self.

Jyotsna Amla

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