Language, it ought to be said, plays a vital role in pretty much what we do, say, understand and how we communicate. In fact, it may not be incorrect to construe that if communication is like the human body then the art of language (and therefore, conversation) is like a vital organ, such as the heart.

Despite the world functioning on a scale of tremendous diversity, different regions persisting with their own individual languages, English is still very much the great unifier.

In other words, the English language is the common thread that binds a uniquely divergent world. And it also obviously stands true for the European Union, a part of the world that is set alight by its own special thread of communication, there hardly being any dearth of regional languages- take French, German, Spanish, Flemish, Norwegian and some of the others as an example.

English in Italy
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Yet a question often stands out. Which is the worst country in the EU for speaking English?

So do you have a clue as to which might be the worst country in the EU for speaking English?

Well, here’s what may surprise some of us, truth be told. Apparently, it appears that Italy is the worst country in the EU for speaking English. Now, what might be the reason for this?

A recent study, published in greater detail and originally on The suggests Italy’s shortcomings about mastering the English language. It pointed out the key fact that the Italians are making very little progress where it comes to mastering English.

But then most of us would’ve find that at least in destinations such as Turin, Bologna, or simply, Florence may have better English-speaking locals. So then what might be the reason that Italy is the worst country in the EU for speaking English?

worst country in the EU for English speaking
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It appears that most Italians, particularly in the touristic regions happen to have a certain fluency over one of the world’s most widely spoken and commonly spoken languages.

Although, the same cannot be considered true for the country in entirety.

Quoting directly from The Local (Italian region of the website), ” The (EPI) English Proficiency Index from global language training company Education First (EF) ranked the Netherlands top out of 100 countries which don’t have English as a national language, based on test results taken by nationals in each country.

In fact, the same study also happens to suggest that where it comes to the entire continent then Italy is placed just behind Spain in the “moderate” competency group of countries in the continent on the scale of spoken English proficiency.

A key observation on the perspective of speaking and conversing in English is that different regions in Italy possess varying levels of language proficiency.

Italy is worst in english speaking
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For instance, as a matter of fact, the region ranked highest for English proficiency is Emilia-Romagna, which houses several colleges and universities, most noticeably the Bologna University. Similarly, the region with the least proficiency in spoken English is Basilicata, which comprises several splendid cities of Policoro, Melfi, Maratea, and others.

Moreover, it’s telling that the rank the country occupies in the said regard is 36. But having discussed Italy, it might also be useful to understand the other EU nations that haven’t really mastered the art of conversing in the English language. So one wonders, what might be these countries?

It appears that countries like Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Georgia, Turkey, and the likes have their task cut out where it comes to gaining English proficiency.

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