Watch: One Of The Best Burglary Fails On The Internet

Fails are definitely one of the most time passing thing on the Internet, plus, everyone just loves to see someone else fail in their respective tasks. Be it makeup or driving or gymming or what not. And, today we have come across something that just blew our minds away.

Burglars are one of the most street-smart people on the face of the earth, however, there are some who are not-so-smart in their art and often get caught. And, then there’s this gentleman who basically screwed up the entire way one operations a burglary. I mean, hey I’m no burglar and all, but after watching years of television and movies that execute a burglary in the perfect way possible, I do know quite a bit about what’s the best way and what’s not.

This man, well he needs a lot of training in the burglary department.

So, what happens is that this thief came to rob a garage and after a strenuous struggle of getting into the garage by climbing and screwing out a whole lot windows, this man got the surprise of his life. The garage had no door, moreover, it didn’t even have anything valuable in it that can come to some thieves’ use. After a couple of moments of getting hit by the stupidity, he left the garage through the principle passage.

The best part is that all of this struggle and not-so-fruitful fruit was caught on camera.

Watch The Video Here:

source: Salt

Well at least now he’ll think about how Burglary is just not his jam and he’s meant for something.

26th June 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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