This Wife Is Beating Her Husband For Chatting With Another Woman

What should one do when they find out about their partner cheating on them?

Well, this woman does have a very strong and bizarre answer to our question. This woman caught her husband “chatting” with some other woman and good God, she completely lost it. Now she’s punishing him in the most painful, embarrassing and funny way possible.  

She made her husband kowtowing in front of her with a banner in his hand that said, “Wife, I was wrong”. She was also using a slipper to beat her husband while saying “will you chat with other women again in the future? Were you wrong?

Watch the video here:

(Video Courtesy: Newsflare)

Yes, the video is kinda painful and amusing to watch, however, it does leave out a very important question, would the world be laughing at this video if there was a role change? If the woman was being beaten by her husband, because of her “chatting” with another man, would it still be funny? Is it the acceptable kind of domestic violence?

We are constantly fighting against things and problems like this being done to women (all around the world), however, when the same happens with a man, it automatically becomes amusing. It’s not funny, it’s a serious problem that our mind is not able to process correctly.

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28 December 2016
Jyotsna Amla

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