URI attacks triggered a long embedded emotion of hate among many people of both India and Pakistan but some people are just the worse as their horrifying acts can send shiver down anyone’s spine.

Where we as people need to focus on what is left of humanity, some people are just utilising this tragedy as an opportunity to feed their hatred and anger. Rather than finding a solution, they are making things worse than ever and the rage they hold  is just unexplainable.

On 23rd September a video got viral in which a Pakistani man was teaching his little daughter how to fire an AK- 47. She barely looks 8 years old in the video and at the age of playing with toys her father gave a lethal weapon in her hands. She is not only firing up the gun but also threatening India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The video was retweeted over thousand times and it got mixed reactions. Yes! There are people who supported the videos and called it a true patriotism.

Here Are The Tweets Of The Supporters:

Whether some were calling this act a whiff of fresh air, some were disgusted and offended. Javed Aziz who is a Pakistani Journalist took twitter to say that his message to the little girl’s father is that please give her pen instead of gun. He stated a powerful statement, “We need education, not wars”.

Here Are The Tweets Of The Offenders:

The relation between both the nations started to become more and more stressing, if this vengeful spirit will continue to grow, things will end bitterly and it will fortunate for anyone.

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26 September 2016
Avni S. Singh

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