These Recap Videos Would Give You A Clear View Of What A Mess 2016 Was

2016 would be the year we never wanted but eventually got. It was full of surprises and not all of them were positive or resulted in something good. A look back to the year 2016 is definitely going to make you recall all the horrific things that this world has gone through, but we need it. We need to see what an absolute mess this year has given us and we need to learn from that, about all the things that should be avoided in 2017 and all the things that deserve our attention in 2017. Because while we are crying for some Pokemon that we’re not able to get, we need to know about all the crying of the people in Syria, Iraq, Philippines and much more countries.

These two videos cover the bad and some of the good that our World has received in the year 2016. The first one covers a recap of all the big stories from all around the world and the second one gives us a deeper look into World’s superpower, America’s issues.

Watch The Videos Here:

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(Video Courtesy: Vox)

It’s done, the year is ending and we can not change anything that was done in 2016 (even if we want to), however, there’s one thing that can be done and that is, change the way 2017 would go. Our world needs us more than ever and we have to be with it, together.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

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29 December 2016
Jyotsna Amla

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