These ‘Flower Flashes’ Are Blooming Up New York City

If you know anything about New York City, then the fact that it is not only a city but a feeling, will be familiar to you. Along with this, one more thing is quite certain about New York City and that is, the fact that NYC can look picturesque and a huge pile of dirt at the same time. Many have said that there’s no other place as picturesque as New York where you can practically shoot an entire film at any place, however, the large crowd also makes it a big dustbin.

Lewis Miller, one of the most established florists in New York, is doing something unimaginable to the city with his installations. Miller, who is associated with MOMA, The Met and what not, is constantly decorating the city with his installations which majorly revolve around dustbins of Manhattan, New York.

From sunflowers to roses to beautiful orchids, New York is blooming with all sorts of flowers in the bins, which makes up for a beautiful example of how beauty even in the dirt, can light up the surroundings.

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In an interview, Miller revealed that he calls his project – Flower Flashes, that he, with the help of his team, start installing these flashes as early as, 5:30 am, and try to finish them before sunrise. A majority of flowers for these installations are recycled flowers from events when possible. He also recalled how the first installation instantly gathered a lot of attention around it, both in person and on social media. Hundreds of selfies and photographs started pouring in on the Instagram with these flashes and people are definitely loving them. Miller has also stated that he is not planning to stop anytime soon, and considers these flashes both gratifying and rewarding on so many levels. He also compared his work to have a ‘Banksy-esque’ kind of feel which is fun and exciting. While his team does not broadcast about their next flashes, they do have a specific hashtag for their work – #LMDWasHere. Miller is excited about his next installation and is trying to take these Flower Flashes to as many cities as possible, like Chicago, Miami, Mexico City and Los Angeles.

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in love with these installations that @lewismillerdesign has been placing all around New York City! #LMDxNYC

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12th May 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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