One of the world’s most progressive and developed countries, there’s a lot about Sweden that one gets to hear every now and again. Being the home of Volvo, being an engineering powerhouse and a country that truly respects the quintessential professional quality of being time-bound, no matter what you may say in appreciation for Sweden- it never truly suffices.

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But recently, it has to be said, Sweden did manage to get its hand’s slightly tarnished thanks to an episode that it could’ve well avoided.

Apparently, the Swedish authorities had been seeking to deport a man by the name of Sameer Subhat who originally belongs to Iraq. And the reason, by all strands of imagination, is going to take you by complete surprise. It’s a case that comes once in a lifetime or else, in moments marked by utter and absolute rarity.

Sameer, the Iraqi mechanic, it is believed, hasn’t taken a single holiday whilst at work here in Sweden. But now, in a recent move by a migration court in Malmo, whose decision went in the favour of the foreign national, Sweden has lost the case and can no longer deport the Iraqi mechanic. This means that Sameer can now happily stay back in Sweden and continue to work. Sameer Subhat, it is reported, stays at Tabay, just outside of Stockholm.

The Swedish migration agency, on the other hand, has for the longest time maintained that the single-most important reason for which Sameer should be deported from the country is that of having taken an insufficient number of holidays. This, however, is a peculiar case in its own right. According to the latest news, the Sameer Subhat hadn’t worked for a sufficient period of time- or long enough at quality- at a stretch to qualify for taking paid leaves. Even then, he was being forced to undergo deportation?

If you really wanted to hear something truly whacky, then this was it? It couldn’t have gotten worse, it has to be remarked. At a time where much of the globalised world is seeing more and more talents from one part of the world to travel to another corner, Sweden’s recent move was rather disappointing. Thankfully for Sameer, the decision went in his favour. While this may have been a strange one-off for a country otherwise well-regarded for improving great decorum and discipline at workplaces and ensuring a great quality of life for its working classes, other countries may want to be mindful of ensuring that a similar occurrence doesn’t transpire on their watch.

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