He is famous. He is spectacular in his work. He inspires envy, many would know. And above anything else, his success is about as exemplary as it is inspiring.

In many ways, in front of the magnetic pull of Facebook, Twitter counterattacks with intelligent subtlety! Does it not? All kudos to the man behind the 280-character count force called Twitter!

The biggest achievement, it ought to be said, about Twitter boss Jack Dorsey aren’t his lavish bank statements or the number of material acquisitions the learned man has made.

Rather, the greatest thing about Jack Dorsey must be the mighty difference he has had a direct hand in giving, to the world of social media communication.

Today, you may not be on Twitter, but not knowing about the world’s most widely-known, regularly-used, famous micro-blogging platform could be rather untrue.

But while there’s never a dull day with Twitter, with its views in it, there’s also hardly a dull day when one is discussing Jack Dorsey, perhaps not the most garrulous or flamboyant tech entrepreneurs around.

And the reason why one believes so is that one’s got to know about Jack Dorsey’s new residence. Yes, you read that right.

Jack Dorsey's new residence

Jack Dorsey’s new residence!

It’s not anywhere in Australia, America or anywhere for that matter in Europe!

It is confirmed that Jack Dorsey’s new residence is going to be Africa.

So if that is surprising to some of us, then it’s also important to know why is it so? Isn’t it?

One of international media’s most trailblazing news platforms- CNN- highlighted why this piece of news is making news and as to what form its key storylines:

The tech exec was in Ethiopia this week as part of a tour of the continent that started on November 8 and included stops in Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa. Techpoint publisher Adewale Yusuf, who organized a meeting between Dorsey and tech publishers and entrepreneurs, told CNN Business that he was not surprised that the CEO plans to move to the continent.“I don’t think he will pick a specific country. He might shuttle between a few African countries. But I definitely think Nigeria will be one of the countries,” he said.

What’s also interesting is that there isn’t a singular or specific reason that has pushed Jack Dorsey to move out of his regular abode. There are several interesting and enterprising reasons that have fueled Dorsey’s passion to move to Africa, where reports stand.

Among them, is an app called Quoted Replies, whose founder Oladosu impacted Dorsey. In his recent visit to Nigeria, where Dorsey, 43, met with passionate young artists and technocrats, many of whom drove him to make the much-anticipated African switch.

Quoted Replies is a Twitter bot that pulls together quoted replies on the platform. Oladosu said he was inspired to create the app when he realized people wanted a platform to aggregate quoted comments to their tweets.

The old, sagging days of rigid, biased thinking, much of the world’s common perception about the enigmatic continent restricted to the common swirl of criticism that mocked Africa- being called the Dark Continent- long gone, a lot has changed.

The world’s largest continent is thriving today. It has made way for a refreshing and promising apex of entrepreneurship, creativity, and economic bustle- reasons that seem enough for the famous business tycoon to relocate.

Moreover, more African entrepreneurs and data scientists are working on cryptocurrency than in most other corners of the world.

After being charmed by the sheer drive of Nigeria’s entrepreneurial promise, Jack Dorsey, it is believed, was taken by surprise by Ethiopia: the second-most populous African nation.

He was struck by the ambition of Ethiopians at building a digital economy. Moreover, the presence of massive tech giants in the form of Google, Microsoft, Huawei, all of which have expanded their operations in Africa inspired Jack Dorsey to float where there’s ocean and fluidity in abundance- if it could be said.

Thus, Africa now will be Jack Dorsey’s new residence?

All of that said, to anyone still deriving pleasure from undermining Africa should sit back and take notice of the massive tech-enabled entrepreneurial churn that the enigmatic continent is evidencing?

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